Ever thought about taking a virtual cooking class?

Jumping into the world of culinary arts from the comfort of your home is a joy like no other. There are SO many to choose from and, what’s more, you can surprise your friends and family by whipping up something they never expected!

Today, we’re diving into a list of 5 must-try, super fun online cooking classes that cater to a wide range of tastes and skill levels! No matter what style of cooking you’re into, there’s something for everyone. 

Online cooking courses

Why Take An Online Cooking Course?

Taking an online cooking course has a ton of perks that even in-person cooking classes don’t have, such as:

  • Flexibility: You can earn at your own pace and on your own schedule.
  • Variety: Get access to a wide range of cuisines and cooking techniques from around the world.
  • Expert Guidance: Get tips and tricks from professional chefs of every kind.
  • Comfort: What’s better than learning in the comfort of your own kitchen?
  • Community: Connect with a huge community of fellow food enthusiasts, share experiences, and maybe make some friends along the way.
  • Cost-Effective: They’re often more affordable than in-person classes with the same level of expertise.
  • Skill Enhancement: Maybe you already know a lot about cooking. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, you can start from your current skill level and advance from there. There’s always something new to learn!

“Okay,” you’re saying. “I’m convinced! Let’s do it!” 

Great! Without further ado, here are…

5 Fun Online Cooking Classes

French Teacakes and Cookies

via Let’s Eat The World

Online French desserts class

Photo: Let’s Eat The World

If you’ve ever considered immersing yourself in the delicate and delightful world of French baking, Let’s Eat The World has a free demo class! In just an hour, you can learn to create exquisite French teacakes and cookies such as Sablés and Madeleines. This live Zoom session offers you the unique chance to connect and engage with expert chefs, discover chef-level baking secrets, and enhance your baking skills right from home! For those hungry for more, you may also consider booking a private class that dives even deeper into French desserts.

Ready to sprinkle some French elegance onto your baking skills? Sign up for the class here.


Classic Cajun Dishes

via Classpop

Classic Cajun dishes via Classpop

Photo: Classpop

Spice up your cooking skills with Chef Tracy’s online class. This course focusing on the heart and soul of New Orleans cuisine and takes you through the preparation of iconic Cajun dishes, like seafood phyllo cups and seafood gumbo. But that’s not all! Wrap up the experience with a classic New Orleans dessert: beignets!

Eager to bring the zest of New Orleans into your kitchen? Join the class here.


Charcuterie Class

via Elevent

Charcuterie Class via Elevent

Photo: Elevent

With this online charcuterie class, you can turn ordinary gatherings into gourmet banquets! Charcuterie is just downright fun and impressive. This hands-on class will teach you how to craft beautiful cheese and meat boards, complete with salami roses and prosciutto ribbons! And, what’s more, all participants receive a curated charcuterie kit with everything needed except the knife and cutting board. (BYOCB = bring your own cutting board. That should be a thing.) Once you master this, you’ll be ablet to impress at client meetings and family get-togethers alike. And this class accommodates groups of all sizes, so bring your friends and family! 

Ready to create your edible masterpiece? Sign up here.


Saute With the Best of ‘Em Virtual Cooking Class

via Life At The Table

Saute Cooking class via Life At The Table

Photo: Life At The Table

Ready to revolutionize your weeknight dinners? This is a class that’s designed to elevate your vegetable game. Boring ol’ raw broccoli? Never again! Discover the secrets to perfect sautéing! With this course, you’ll be able to understand salt’s essential role in seasoning and using acid to bring out the best in your greens. It’s interactive and hands-on class, and it even offers direct engagement with the chef, which is about as close as you can get to an in-person learning experience from the comfort of your home. 

To transform your cooking techniques, sign up here.


Mexican Cooking Class

via With Confetti

Mexican Cooking Class via With Confetti

Photo: With Confetti

This amazing class not only teaches you authentic recipes like tacos, churros, and chilaquiles, but it also guides you through the history and cultural significance of classic Mexican dishes. You’ll enjoy a hands-on experience, led by seasoned experts, and learn traditional cooking techniques and preparations. This class is perfect for food lovers of all skill levels!

Dive into Mexican culinary traditions by signing up here.


Ready to Learn?

Each of these classes offers a unique opportunity to refine your cooking skills, as well as enjoy (and share!) delicious meals made by YOU. Which one will you choose? 


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