Steamy Bloopers: The Great Cotton Candy Fiasco

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Drey here. 👋 I’m Jaden’s Writer & Creative Content go-to. You might remember me from my Platterful charcuterie board review or that time I haunted Steamy Kitchen for Halloween. You might not know this, but I’ll let you in on a little secret: our little team is mostly remote, and many of us are located in other states or even countries! Our beloved COO / Manager / the person who runs it all (she wears a lot of hats), Amanda, is somewhat of a digital nomad, based in Canada and Mexico! 

As one of the only local people on the team (here in Vegas), I spend a lot of time with Jaden, and if you lean in real close, I’ll tell you another fun secret: She’s a goofball. Of course, she’s smart and witty and has a ton of kitchen know-how and great lifestyle advice, but it’s not all perfect recipes and flawless execution. There are quite a few Steamy Kitchen bloopers along the way. So today, I wanted to peel back the curtain and show you some of the hilarity that ensues behind-the-scenes of Steamy Kitchen. 

The Great Cotton Candy Fiasco

This is one of my favorite Steamy Kitchen outtakes. 

Jaden mischievously crushing candy

Jaden mischievously about to get a sugar fix.

One time Jaden purchased a cotton candy machine for an event, and I happened to be there while she was still attempting to figure out how to use it. It started innocently enough. Jaden crushed up some sugar-free Jolly Ranchers to prepare for the cotton candy bonanza.

Crushed Jolly Ranchers

Then she poured it in the machine and turned it on. 

Pouring more sugar

She grabbed one of those paper sticks and waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing seemed to be happening. 

Cotton Candy Machine

Then it started. But just in whisps. And those whisps turned into a spider web texture. At some point, it became clear to both of us that she couldn’t contain the cotton candy to the machine, and before it we knew it, it was flying all over the place.

Cotton candy everywhere

Soon, it was all over her. In her hair, on her clothes. Then it was on the plants. On the walls. On the dogs. It was EVERYWHERE. Jaden started this hilarious wheezy laugh. I was filming her with my phone, and it became difficult to continue without jostling the phone.

Instead of ending up with a few regular sticks of cotton candy, Jaden ended up with the world’s ugliest ball of cotton candy. 

Cotton candy mess

Then we tried it again, and the results were EVEN WORSE. It was the funniest thing ever.

Jaden tangled in cotton candy webs

See the Entire Cotton Candy Fiasco Here:



I hope you loved this silly little story and video. Let me know what you think in the comments. If you like it, I’ll make more of these!


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  1. This blooper was a real hoot!! I’d like to see more thanks — I can always use a good laugh 🙂

  2. Hilarious! Loved it!

  3. The Cotton Candy video was so funny. But I won’t buy any Cotton candy from that lady LOL

  4. That Cotton Candy video was soooooooooooooo enjoyable !! More PLEASE.

  5. This is so funny and it is great to see Jaden like This having a good laugh

  6. So funny to watch! Yes, please share more bloopers! 🙂


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