Our 10 hens are happy hens, they faithfully lay around 8 eggs per day and get to eat all the garden veggies they want. There are specific plants that I grow just for them, like my ginormous cabbage that produces leaves as big as a vampire’s appetite. Unfortunately, they also like my delicate lettuce leaves too, so we haven’t had much homegrown lettuce to enjoy for ourselves.

This weekend, Scott and the boys helped me clear out some of the raised beds – our broccoli has bolted, the lettuces bolted and it’s time to plant more heat-resistant vegetables.

Massive cabbage

While Scott is planning on building a greenhouse, I’m moving forward to expanding our animal family. First, a little about the greenhouse – we’re trying to find a suitable site on our 5-acres to build, his criteria was a little different from mine. Scott needed a site that was flat, had water and power access and big enough to put in a 200sf greenhouse with an 800 gallon fish tank for the aquaponics tank.

My criteria was simple. Don’t block my peaceful, lush, green view of the pond, dock and fruit trees from the house. That left only a couple of spots available. I don’t know what he’s decided yet, but I did overhear him on the phone with a concrete pourer asking for a quote to pour the slab that will serve as the floor of the greenhouse. I think this will all be happening in the next few days!


Scott measuring possible site for greenhouse

This morning, I called for a fencing company to come out and take a look at the acre of land that I’d like to fence in for our current hens and future animals.

An acre-ish area to fence in for our animals.

There’s already wild duck that come everyday to hang out.

The kids and I would just LOVE to have our own little petting zoo or Noah’s ark. Two of each: sheep, goat, alpaca, angora rabbits. These animals would also serve as my personal fiber store – I spin yarn and knit voraciously!

In the very near future* we will also get some ducklings to raise for eggs and meat. Though the latter may or may not actually happen. I still haven’t had the guts to move forward with butchering any of hens.

On the north-west side of our property, we have a little pond and enough land for:

  • a brood of chickens
  • a paddling of ducks
  • a hurtle of sheep
  • a wrack of rabbits
  • a trip of goats
  • a herd of alpaca
  • a kine of cattle (okay, maybe just 1)
  • a romp of otter
  • a shoal of fish
  • Here’s more fun words to know about collections of animals!

*I just found out that our local farm store has 4 BABY DUCKLINGS FOR SALE!!!!! So “very near future” may = 3pm today. Squueee!! 

This morning, I told the hens about their possible future roommates. They weren’t very happy. Looked quite grouchy to me.

WHAT?! New animals? NO!

Seriously? Do we look like we need more friends?

Why would you ever want sheep? They smell.

We protest!

Even the hen laying eggs wouldn’t look at me.


Despite having 3 custom designed nesting boxes, each with a bed of soft pine shavings, all the hens lay in only ONE box. In the beginning, they all fought over this box. Now they’ve just learned to take turns. I think they have an appointment book somewhere.

This morning’s collection so far: