Chef Tim Grandinetti, Twin City Quarter, Winston/Salem

Apparently a big shipment of fish didn’t arrive in the Bahamas, so the what did the chefs do?

They went fishing yesterday.

And caught two 45-pound mahi mahi and one 80-pound wahoo….which is our dinner tonight!


Chef Sean Bernal, Oceanaire Seafood Room, Miami and Club Med Chef Derek


When you ain’t got no fancy smoker in the Bahamas?


You make one outta an old kitchen rack, plastic wrap and tin foil.  This is the back of Chef Ted Reader, Toronto, who’s going to smokin’ some meat all day today so that tomorrow we can have Confit of Smoked Duck Leg with a crust of Smoked Pulled Pork and Fois Gras served with an Apple Brown Betty BBQ Sauce


And when something breaks in the Bahamas



Where am I?


I’m hosting a Club Med Food Bloggers Bash in the Bahamas (okay, it’s really their Food and Wine Festival) and brought along some friends.