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The Ninja Ultima Blender was sent to us for review. No other bribes were exchanged. All opinions are my own and my kids’ 🙂 jaden

A few weeks ago we released “First look at the Ninja Ultima Pro Blender” – here’s our full video review!

This review has been long overdue! As my parents and brother can attest to, I’m a big fan of Vitamix and Blendtec (I’ve purchased and gifted units to both them) and it’s the ONE appliance that I’m always using in the kitchen.

We make smoothies, soup, sauces, chop nuts and even snow. But it’s a pricey investment:

Is it worth the money? Absolutely. Are there cheaper alternatives that work just as well?

ninja ultimaYou’re just about to find out! Ninja recently came out with the Ninja Ultima Blender Plus for $259.00.

It has a 1500 watt, 2.5 horsepower motor. All these watts and horsepower talk makes my head spin. In the end, I want to see the Ninja perform. Will it hold its own against the Vitamix?

Ninja Ultima Blender Plus on Amazon: $259.00 + free shipping

You might want to watch the “First look at the Ninja Ultima Pro Blender” first before the full review below.


Full Review: Ninja Ultima vs. Vitamix Blender VIDEO