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I’m a big coffee nut – years ago I used to buy green beans from Sweet Maria’s and roast them myself. One time I even roasted them in a wok that I situated on my outdoor grill! Massive FAIL. Also another fail was the popcorn popper which just made a massive mess that I had to clean up.

For a while, I stayed on with roasting my beans with iRoast 2 (which is now discontinued) but in the end, I stopped roasting because while roasted coffee smells amazing – the act of roasting stunk. Kind of like empty peanut shells on fire.

Anyways, I’m a coffee tinkerer – with a collection of fancy coffee-making gadgets and always, always going back to my simple Aeropress when a gadget breaks. So why don’t I just stick with my Aeropress? Well – making coffee is a morning ritual for me – while the Aeropress makes darn good espresso – it is not elegant enough, not pretty. There’s no joy in any tactile sensation when making coffee. It’s a plastic plunger made by a frisbee inventor.

I’m experimenting with the Nespresso machine right now (ouch – the capsules are almost $1 each!) and also spent a month playing with the IMUSA Electric Espresso Maker. Love the price at $29.99 and it works so well. Making espresso and adding hot water for an Americano is my coffee of choice. (We have an instant hot installed at the sink so it’s just so easy to add hot water).

I’ve never really liked the original stove-top moka devices because that requires 1) turning on the stove 2) watching the stove – not fun first thing in the morning.

Imusa Electric Espresso Maker is brand new and is ONLY sold at Target stores AT THE STORES – not online. I’ve been working with their reps to try to find an online store but no luck yet. Like I mentioned, it’s brand spankin’ new.

Delonghi has a similar product – but $59 and Bialetti has one for $99!

Here’s my review of the IMUSA! *By the way, I’d love to hear how you make your coffee! And if you really like it, we’re giving a unit away right now!

IMUSA Electric Espresso Maker Review Video