I don’t enjoy jet lag, I quite hate the feeling of pooping out at 9pm when traveling from Florida to Los Angeles…and then working fast and furious until 4 AM when I return home. It doesn’t help that my two very energetic children have no concept of time change. They wake up at 6:30 AM no matter where we are. And duct taping heavy, dark canvas all the way around the windows to block any peep of light is just a waste of good duct tape.

To make the best of the situation, I think it’s only fair that I institute a new modus operandi into the Steamy Kitchen Household.

For every 500 miles of travel I earn two days of rest and relaxation, disguised as “Jet Lag.”

Bonus points (add 6 hours for every bonus point) for:

  • Changing planes
  • Paying $25 just to check my frickin’ luggage in (WTF!? When did we all think it was okay for all these airine fees?)
  • Any line that I have to stand in at the airport that has more than 2 people in line
  • Taking my shoes off, putting them in a stoooopid little grey box on a conveyor belt and waddling barefoot through a machine like an idiot, praying that I don’t get fondled by “Pat” the wand-ladyman who looks like heshe hasn’t had any nookie for about 14 years.

So, with my last trip, I just earned a “rest and relaxation” ticket for 64 days.



Winner of Club Med Vacation


I was notified by Club Med that random winner for the Club Med vacation that I gave way is Connie, who told us that her favorite food fight tip was:

“When I was in junior high there was a huge food fight during the last week of school. I don’t recall much mostly that there was food flying from all directions. What do I remember and will probably never forget is the main security guy yelling “stop it!! or I will take you all to detention!” while holding out both hands signaling stop… all of a sudden I saw a burrito explode on the side of his face – it was hilarious!!! many of us were laughing so hard we were crying. The few that were lucky to see that were retelling the story for weeks the following semester. Burritos… bean burritos… I’d totally use that as my weapon.”
Posted June 2, 2009, 1:38 pm

Way to go Connie – enjoy your Club Med vacation for you and your friend/lover/kid/whoever. You’re head to Club Med Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in September for their Food and Wine Festival. It’s my favorite Club Med resort, and I know you will absolutely have a blast.


Winner of $50 Sur La Table Gift Card

Is…commenter #574…Jess from blog.jessdaniel.com who said:

“I’ve walked by this store in San Francisco so many times: http://www.truesake.com/ The one thing I’ve wondered is: What kinds of foods are generally paired with sake?”

And the answer to your question is – any type of food can pair with sake! Don’t think that you only have to pair Japanese food with sake. Some sake has woodsy, earthy flavor profiles that go great with heavier dishes. Other sake is clean, crisp and floral which go great with light seafood, sushi or vegetable dishes.

Congratulations to both Jess and Connie – contact me at jaden@steamykitchen.com to claim your prize!