We have some exciting news for you! 
Steamy Kitchen has been listening and working hard to improve your giveaway experience here on our site!
We are excited to announce that we will be launching and trying out a new giveaway experience for you. This giveaway is our FIRST giveaway with this NEW format and we want to try it, get your feedback with it and have fun with it! 
Please note we are TESTING this format and want to get your feedback if it is working and a fun experience for you!
Reasons why we love this new giveaway format and we think you will too: 
  • Accumulate points
  • Login to your account to accumulate daily actions
  • Complete social actions to learn more about Steamy Kitchen


We are giving away $100 Visa Gift Card to test out this new giveaway! 

Things to know about our NEW giveaway format: 

1. Enter your name and email address 
2. The giveaway will take you to the thank you page where you will see a series of actions. 
3. Complete the SOCIAL ACTIONS to receive POINTS! The way this will work is the more points you have – the higher your chance of winning! 
4. Make sure to complete the FEEDBACK ACTION – to let us know how you like this format! 
5. Giveaways will run for three months like our current giveaways 
6. When you REVISIT the giveaway after INITIAL entry – you will be asked to LOGIN! Use your email to login to complete daily actions 
PLEASE NOTE: We are hearing all of your feedback! Giveaway Daily Actions Restart 24 Hours of Completing Action! 

$100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway – NEW GIVEAWAY FORMAT!

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