Choosing the right mushrooms can be intimidating, they all look the same and slightly dirty. We will give you our top tips for choosing mushrooms at the grocery store and storing them.

mushroom basics

Buddha Bowl Basics

Buddha Bowl basics will teach you ways to add flavor and save money in the kitchen. Asparagus is a fresh vegetable that has nice bite to it and goes great in any Buddha Bowl. We are going to show you how to choose fresh mushrooms at the store and the best way to store them.

Why Asparagus is Great

  • A yummy option that has a nice texture to it
  • Sauté them in no time!
  • Great source of nutrients
  • Stays fresh in the fridge for one week

How to Choose Mushrooms at the Grocery Store

When choosing mushrooms in the grocery store, flip the mushroom over and look for gills that are not exposed. The more exposed the gills are, the less fresh the mushroom is.

Mushrooms are dirty when first brought home from the store so be sure to wash the dirt off them thoroughly. Use your fingers to rub dirt off and lay out to dry on a paper towel.

The Best Way to Store Mushrooms

  1. Keep mushrooms in original packaging or place in a paper bag with top slightly open to ensure airflow.
  2. Place in refrigerator for up to one week!

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