Hello Steamy Kitchen family, we are excited to be doing a review and giveaway on the RecoverFun Plus massage gun! This massage gun is super powerful and comes with an extra super soft head, just for seniors. 

RecoverFun Plus Massage Gun 13mm Deeper Tissue Percussion

  • ✔ Amplitude:Recoverfun Plus is extended to 13mm percussive stroke length and creates a much deeper tissue percussion massage experience.
  • ✔ Motor:  The 100-watt brushless high-torque motor brings an extraordinarily powerful impact on your muscles.
  • ✔ Battery Life:  2900mAh (210+ minutes per use).More considerable battery life.
  • ✔ Material: Upgraded to use aluminum composite for the main housing, sturdier and shapelier.
  • ✔ Senior Attachment:  Recoverfun Plus has included the super-soft bouncy massage head(the Recoverfun Flex)as a standard kit. This configuration especially highlights the magic of this massage gun.

This RecoverFun Massage gun has a 13mm percussive stroke length. Made to massage out the deepest muscle pain. This massage gun is super powerful and comes with 6 different heads. Each head is used to massage a different muscle group! It even includes a super soft massage head specially for seniors.

The RecoverFun Plus has a battery that is rechargeable so you don’t need to buy new batteries. It also holds an extra long charge so you don’t have to frequently charge it. 

Use this massage gun after a workout, after household duties or before bed! It is perfect for muscle relaxation and pain relief. It is super easy to use and has multiple power settings that are sure to get out any knots.


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RecoverFun Plus Massage Gun Review & Giveaway

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