Hello Steamy Kitchen, today we are giving away a very powerful, pro-grade Urikar massage gun! This massage gun is a great recovery tool, you could take with you to the gym for a trainer to work on you with. It also has AI technology, which helps you determine how to use this massage gun in the most efficient way possible 

Urikar AT1 – Pro-Grade Therapy Percussion Massager with Advanced AI Chip

Urikar AT1 is a smart AI-powered percussive massage with 3600 RPM, 8 speed levels, 65 pounds of force, dual modes for fitness and relief at anytime and from anywhere you want. It is your best relaxation and post-workout recovery tool. Skip the expensive massage treatment and get the life-changing treatment of a professional handheld percussive massage gun in the comfort of your own home or at the gym.

We love this massage gun because of the AI technology. The massager will collect information and even guide you through each massage cycle. It is easy to use and will also give you instructions and tips on the display screen!

This massager comes with six different heads, each one used to target a different muscle group. Urikar’s proprietary smart head-recognition gives you massage instructions for point to point muscle stiffness relaxation. 

The Arikar AT1 Massager gives you a human-like massage experience! Skip going out and paying for a massage, when you can just have one at home. The long lasting battery life and noise insulation ensure that this massage gun is always ready to use! 

Urikar AT1 Pro-Grade Massager Review and Giveaway

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