My boys are pretty easily influenced. You have chocolate? You’re their best friend. Well, for at least the next 10 minutes. Which is why I often worry about them at this young, tender, impressionable age.

You never know what characters will catch the eye of little boys.

photo from last year’s Club Med blogger trip

Matt Armendariz and Adam are covered neck to ankle with tats (though I didn’t check behind the ear nor the underside of the foot). Well, my boys thought they were so rockin’ cool, that they too wanted the skin paint.

I think we were supposed to cut each tattoo out individually and dot the skin here and there with a couple of cute animals. But nope. They wanted to plaster the entire sheet on their bellies. Just like Uncle Adam.

This morning, Nathan brought his book of tats to breakfast, spied the person most likely NOT to have a tattoo and zeroed in on David.

“Mr. David, do you want a tattoo?”


Be brave Uncle David. It won’t hurt.

Let’s see what you got….

Oh, you’re FIERCE, Uncle David!

Should we write “I wish my blog was on WordPress” right below it?

All I got from Club Med Food Blogger Camp was a lousy tattoo.

And more…