Bloggers in Club Med

…unless you are a blogger!

Left to right: Sarah Foster; Deb of Smitten Kitchen; Diane of White on Rice Couple; Elise of Simply Recipes; David Lebovitz; Top Chef winner Stephanie Izard; Matt Armendariz of Matt Bites and moi!

I’m doing a bit of writing for Club Med and wanted to host some of my close blogger friends for their Food and Wine Festival. Needless to say, we’ve all forgotten about deadlines, cold weather and laundry duties.

Look at these gorgeous gals! Deb and Stephanie Izard.


Draping seductively: Matt and Elise


Diane, a professional portrait photographer as well as one of my bestest friends, took portraits of everyone! Isn’t this cute? Elise and David.


And here are my glamour shots that Diane took. I felt like a movie star!



Club Med Columbus Isle Posts

Matt just posted with some photos; Diane has more photos of the group and come see David’s post about the Blogger’s Bocce in the Bahamas!

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