The Chinese calendar isn’t as straightforward and predictable as the Western (Gregorian) calendar. The length of a month isn’t always 30…um…31…no…29…or 28 days.

Okay, okay, so both calendars are kinda screwy.

But what I meant was that Western New Years is always called January 1st. Chinese or Lunar New Year falls on a different day every year, anytime between January 20th to Feburary 19th, depending on the sun and moon cycles.

This year, it just so happens that that Chinese New Year is on Feburary 14th, 2010, which means you can take Valentine’s Day off as a paid holiday. Well, that is, if you celebrate Lunar New Year….but I promise….I won’t tell your boss.

The Chinese are highly superstitious, especially with food. Honestly it’s quite complicated, and rather than risk an entire year of good fortune (i.e. nixing the possibility winning $76 million in the lottery), I play it safe. I eat what’s on the list.

So wanna know what’s on the list?

Infographic: What to eat for Chinese New Year!

I know it’s V-day on February 14th, so if you’re celebrating the day of love with cutesy hearts and fondue, perhaps you can do a combo-dinner (Chinese fondue anyone?) or even celebrate Chinese New Year a little early. I’ve got a list of simple recipes for your Chinese New Year feast to ensure you a prosperous, healthy and happy year of the Tiger.

Chinese New Year Recipes

What to eat for Chinese New Year for maximum health, happiness and prosperity!

Chinese New Year Foods Mom’s Famous Crispy Egg Rolls or Vegetable Spring Rolls with video with an easy how-to video (egg rolls look like gold bars, which symbolize wealth) 
Chinese New Year Foods Chinese Whole Steamed Fish – for having “more than enough” this coming year
Chinese New Year Foods Garlic Brandy Prawns – for happiness
Chinese Tea Egg Recipe Chinese Tea Eggs – for wealth
100 Blossoms Vegetables 100 Blossoms – to wish you a blossoming and beautiful beginning in the new year.
Pork and Shrimp Potstickers Pork and Shrimp Potstickers – recipe from Andrea Nguyen to represent gold ingots.
Broccoli Beef Noodles Broccoli Beef Noodle Stir Fry – for long life (don’t cut the noodles – leave them long!)

And if you want more Chinese New Year recipes, head over to Rasa Malaysia and Lily’s Wai Sek Hong!

What’s on your menu for Chinese New year?