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Happy Friday Steamy Kitchen family and welcome to our Cash Bonanza PayPal Instant Win!

We know that cash is one of the BEST things to win and we will have 10 lucky winners win a instant cash prize in this giveaway! 

Before we get spinning, we wanted to provide you with a few tips for actually bringing more cash into your life with practices that help shift the way we may look at money! I find it so interesting to learn more about the energetics of money and how to create more flow and good fortune into our life! Read our tips below! 

1. Mindset

Wealth and good fortune begin in the mind! What you think, you believe and what you believe you attract. Shifting your mindset from a state of lack into a state of abundance and luck is a good place to start. 

You can do this by writing out a few affirmations or sentences revolving around good fortune. Some examples of this would be: 

  • Money flows into my life from known and unknown sources 
  • I love money and can help others with the more money I have 
  • I am worth a secure and abundant life! 

Many of us may have a story around money that may lead us to believe that money is hard to have, there is a shortage or even that money is bad, however we must look at these beliefs to generate more wealth into our life! 

2. Be Humble 

Staying in a place of gratitude for the things you already have is a great place to start! Looking around and already recognizing the wealth that is around you helps you align yourself to be open to more of it! 

Wealth is also beyond the limits of cash – you can be wealthy in family, experiences, the list goes on! 

3. Visualization 

One of my favorite tips is visualization. It is hard to attract more wealth and fortune if we cannot actually see ourselves in this desired level! Start by visualizing yourself in a state of more wealth. This can start very simply by visualizing simple gains or shifts (example: finding a $5 dollar bill on the street). 

You can also find great visualization exercises on Youtube for free, which can help guide you into fully imagining yourself in a desired state! 

4. Practice Feng Shui 

A very dear practice to my heart is Feng Shui. The art of creating space to be energetically healthy! This starts with clearing clutter and creating space for yourself to attract that which you do want! 

You can also create a space for “Money Making” activities within your office or home. This creates a space to attract more money in which you can dedicate to visualization and money mindset activities as well as where you work! 

5. Take Action! 

If you are wanting to bring more money into your life, you can’t steer a parked car! Even with a solid foundational mindset, you still need to take action into generating more wealth! 

Identify ways in which you can generate more money into your life such as creating passive income, starting your own business and make sure to look into things that bring you joy to bring more abundance through what already makes you happy! 

Part of action also includes spending money on things that you support or giving back to your community! The more that you give, the more that you receive, and looking at money in the form of flow and energy can completely shift your reality around it! 

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