Hello and Happy Friday Steamy Kitchen! Today we are launching an Amazon Instant Win Game! There will be 10 lucky winners who will receive $10 Amazon gift card. Plus one lucky person will be the winner of a $50 GRAND PRIZE!

Find anything that you may need or want on Amazon! There is everything… literally everything on Amazon. Lately I have invested in a yoga mat and a new laptop case! What is something on your Amazon wish list?? I’m thinking a special treat or present for my dogs will be the next purchase.

“Work hard. Have fun. Make history.”

This little quote is the Amazon slogan and it has inspired us to share a few tips with you about how you can work hard and have fun! 

Break down big goals into small tasks. Take everything one day, one minute even one second at a time. There is no rush to accomplish your life dreams by tomorrow. It will take time! Evaluate large goals, break them down into step-by-step plans and then begin to take action.

Check out this colorful habit tracker that makes in fun and easy to keep up with tasks.

You become the people you surround yourself with. Be conscious about who you dedicate your time and energy to. I find that the more motivated and creative people I have around me, the more inspired I feel! 

Check out this article on Tony Robbins website to read about How to Surround Yourself With Good People!

Relax. Try not to overwhelm yourself or spread yourself too thin. When you begin to get stressed or anxious, take the time to sit down, breathe, calm your mind and remind yourself you are doing a great job!

Check out Audible.com for tons of different guided meditations!

Stay focused on your goals. It’s easy to fall into a feeling of despair or failure and lose sight of your mission. Create a journal to track your goals. Start a group with friends that all keep each other motivated. 

Check out this journal that will help you track goals and show gratitude!

Lastly and most importantly, self-care. Take care of you! You are the only one you have at the end of the day so love yourself and your body. Exercise, stretch, dance, swim, walk the dog, be active in some way! Eat food that makes you feel energized and stay hydrated. Take the time to do something that you truly enjoy like getting lost in a good book.

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