Hello Steamy Kitchen Community! We are very excited to be partnering with Hestan Cue to review and giveaway their incredible Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System! Read below about this innovative cooking technology as well as my personal review of the system! 

Hestan Cue Review

Hestan Cue Review

We received Hestan Cue cooking system to review. We were not compensated for this review. I’ve been using the Hestan Cue system for 2 months, we list both PROS and CONS in our review. – jaden

What is it: The Hestan Cue is a smart cooking system that includes a portable induction stovetop, connected pots and pans, and an app filled with hundreds of recipes.

Pros: Ordinary cooks can create fool-proof, restaurant-quality meals. Guided recipes plus a connected stovetop and connected cookware means you’ll turn out perfectly cooked scallops, steaks, chicken, etc. Cookware can also be used on your standard stovetop (not oven). No more guessing if your chicken is done, no more jabbing food with a thermometer to see doneness, and no more rubbery scallops.

Cons: Separate induction cooktop means you’ll have to find a good spot closest to your vent. Expensive: the nonstick pan plus cooktop set will cost $399. However, Hestan is currently running a sale for 15% off, plus if you use our Steamy Kitchen link , you will receive an automatic EXTRA 20% Off! Click the link here to shop! 

Conclusion: Tech savvy cooks will enjoy churning out restaurant-quality meals. It’s nearly foolproof, as long as you follow these tips:

  1. Prepare mise en place: Have all ingredients and equipment at the ready. Chop your vegetables, mince the garlic and herbs, and have the seasonings all pre-measured out. 
  2. Use the included stainless steel ruler to measure the thickness of your main protein. A 1-inch steak will have very different cooking times than 1.5″ thick steak. Accurate measurements helps Cue determine exact cooking times.
  3. Keep an eye on your app (iPhone or iPad). The “ding!” tone that signals next step isn’t that loud (especially if you have sizzling steak sounds in your kitchen!) – keep your device close to you so that you don’t miss a cue. 

I’m a bit of a control-freak in the kitchen, so it was a little difficult at first for me to give up decision making (and guessing) when it came to cooking with the Hestan Cue system. There were times when I thought, “This steak HAS to be done by now! I need to flip! uggghhhh! Maybe this app is wrong.” 

BUT – every. single. time. the Hestan system was right. 

Still, it’s hard to give up control!!! 🙂  

The Hestan Cue Cooking System is Perfect For: Tech-savvy cooking enthusiasts. With the 15% discount AND 20% discount code “STEAMYKITCHEN” – the nonstick pan + cooktop comes out to $203.00 That’s a deal. Seriously. The pan itself is a very high-quality, tri-ply stainless with three layers of non-toxic PFOA/PFOS free cooking. cnet reviewed this system a few years ago, and their complaint was the high cost. With the discounts, the Hestan Cue is affordable and well worth it!

Using the Hestan Cue to Cook Scallops

Hestan Cue Review Cooking Scallops


One of my cooking challenges is big fat scallops. They are expensive, difficult to cook perfectly without lots of experience or poking with a thermometer. When I eat out, I try to order dishes that I normally don’t cook at home….and scallops are on that list. 

I used the Hestan Nonstick Pan and the Hestan Cue Induction Cooktop, followed their basic seared scallops recipe. Here’s our result:


Hestan Cue Review - perfectly cooked scallops

About Hestan Smart Cooking

Hestan Smart Cooking, a pioneer of smart kitchen appliances, introduces their newest piece of smart cookware: the 11” pan re-engineered in non-stick finish. Like all Cue cookware, this latest pan is made from professional quality tri-ply stainless steel, bonded with three layers of non-toxic ceramic coating. The reinforced PFOA/PFOS free finish provides a naturally non-stick surface, with superior durability than traditional non-stick cookware.

Cooking with Hestan Cue Connected Cookware System

Non-stick is preferred by chefs for cooking recipes like delicate omelets, crispy parmesan crackers, and even salted caramel almond brittle without the mess. Traditionally, most home cooks worry about non-stick cookware releasing toxins due to unpredictable stove top temperatures and poor quality finishes. The unmatched quality and precise temperature control of the Cue Smart Cooking System makes non-stick perfectly safe for home cooks to use. Without the fear of sticking, Cue users will feel more confident than ever when searing scallops or flipping crepes.

The Hestan Cue cookware and induction cooktop are connected to the app 

“We chose to offer a non-stick pan because it is an essential kitchen workhorse and offers the most versatility when cooking eggs and delicate proteins such as fish and scallops, ” says Owen Wyatt, the Culinary Director of Hestan Smart Cooking.

Together with the 11” stainless steel pan, the 3.5 quart Sauce Pot and the 5.5 quart Chef’s Pot, the 11” precision non-stick pan completes the line of Cue Smart Cookware. With over 500 chef-crafted recipes in the Cue app, each with step-by-video guidance from prepping the ingredients to plating the final dish. Cue provides an entirely new way to explore recipes, from weeknight basics to perfectly replicated dishes from restaurants and chefs around the globe- all with guaranteed results.

With the launch of the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System in 2017, a new category of smart cooking technology was invented. Cue is the world’s first cooking system that monitors time and temperature, guiding users through each phase of the cooking process. High quality cookware embedded with temperature sensors works in unison with an induction cooktop and the Cue app to act as a coach in the kitchen. Cue builds confidence in the kitchen by equipping users of any skill level with the tools and techniques to achieve restaurant quality meals at home.

Hestan Cue nonstick cookware review

Founded in 2015, Hestan Smart Cooking is a team of acclaimed chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants, pioneering software developers, and meticulous designers dedicated to tirelessly reinventing the cooking experience. In 2017, the company introduced the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System comprised of a Bluetooth-enabled smart pan, induction burner, and recipe app. Through its hardware and software technology, Hestan Cue guides users through each step with its video-guided recipe app. To learn more, please visit the Hestan Cue website here

Check out the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System with Non-Stick Pan here!

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