Roasted Garlic Killer Shrimp

Earlier this year, I wanted to change up’s site design and structure. The current design has served me quite well, but I wanted more features, and let’s face it, given the choice of “same” or “more bling” you know which I’d rear end in a heartbeat.

But the only technical thing I’m good at is the three-finger-salute, Ctrl-Alt-Del. The move is used so often that it’s implanted in my autonomic nervous system, etching a fat path with sparkly pink synapses.  Just this past weekend at the grocery store, I had an altercation with an old, crinkly bastard who apparently forgot to pluck his golf club out of his ass before he stepped off the green and yelled at me for my grocery cart that came within 2 millimeters from his precious blue Volvo convertible. After walking away and cussing under my breath, my fingers automatically went into position and from a distance, I held my hands up and Ctrl-Alt-Deleted his 2-inch forehead. It’s a powerful gesture, one that stops Windows dead in its tracks and also gives me the satisfaction of cursing him from afar. So what if I look dumb, I don’t care.

For the site, customizing fonts and colors were a piece of cake, but changing column widths was like trying to move the Statue of Liberty with a salad fork and cheese grater.

Do you know what HTML stands for? Hyperactive Total Mental Leakage. Oh yeah. And cascading style sheets, or CSS? That’s the sound of my precious brain cells seeping out of my head during moments of spontaneous HTML.

This is worse than learning a new language! At least if I’m flubbing in Spanish, I can supplement with hand gestures. In code-speak, if you’re missing one little tiny “:” the site just shrugs its shoulders, says,

DOES NOT COMPUTE, and heads back to the server for a nap.

Finally, last Friday, after countless hours of coding, testing, tweaking and head banging, I was ready to launch. I announced aloud to my friends that I was going to click this little button, chimes will sound and magically, all the electronic impulses in the universe would align and “poof!” Steamy Kitchen would unveil its new facelift. I held my breath, shut one eye and clicked.


“Dammit! I thought you loved me. Say something! Tell me what you want. Our relationship is so much stronger than a colon.” But still, no response. I should have included a line item for “therapist” in my design budget.

I was so sick of the computer, that for dinner options, I reached for a cookbook instead of searching through my bookmarks. This recipe for Roasted Garlic Killer Shrimp is one that I adapted from a cookbook called,

Crab cookbook co-authored by my friend, Jennifer Jeffrey. The other author, you ask? None other than the famous Andrea Froncillo, exec chef of The Stinking Rose, a garlic restaurant in San Francisco and Beverly Hills.  I modified the recipe by using shrimp instead of crab because I live in a far, far away place that even though surrounded three sides by really deep water, I have absolutely no access to fresh, live crab. Sigh.


This is a “soft” launch of the new site design. What does “soft” mean? It means It means I’m still tweaking the site design and structure. So if you happen to come along knocking on my blog and see me in my underwear painting, hammering and leaking brain cells, you’ll understand. It also means if I f’ up, leave a “:” out of the code and break the site, you’ll also understand, right?!

I can broked new dezign…


Roasted Garlic Killer Shrimp


Garlic Roasted Killer Crab Shrimp

Servings: 4 as part of multicourse meal Prep Time: Cook Time:
Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.33.22 PM


1 lb shell-on shrimp
½ cup white wine
½ stick of butter
3 tbl minced shallots
2 tbl fresh rosemary
1 tsp fresh thyme
4 garlic cloves, minced
3 tbl olive oil
1 tbl sea salt
crushed red pepper
chopped parsley
loaf of crusty french bread


Preheat oven to 375F.

If you are using extra large shrimp, you can butterfly them, keeping them in the shell, like I did in the photo. Otherwise, leave them whole in the shell. Wash and carefully cut through shell to devein the shrimp while leaving the shell on. The easiest way to do this is with sharp, pointy kitchen shears. Just cut through the back. Heat olive oil and butter in large oven-proof skillet over medium-high heat. When hot but not smoking, add the shallots, garlic, rosemary, red pepper and thyme. Fry until fragrant. Add wine, salt, pepper. When boiling, turn heat off and toss in the shrimp. Send it off to the oven for 7-10 minutes, or until shrimp is cooked through. Timing will depend on the size of shrimp, check after 7 minutes. Garnish with sea salt, chopped parsley. Serve with bread to soak up the juices.

Contest to Win Free Crab Cookbook!

Jennifer and Andrea have generously given me 5 signed cookbooks to give away!  To enter, just comment below and mention your favorite way to have crab. That’s it! So simple. I’ll draw 5 names on Tuesday December 18th at 11pm.

Good luck!

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Comments 156

  1. Mary

    I love crab every way imaginable. From crab legs to crab cakes to crab linguine to crab scampi (made like shrimp scampi). Even better my kids love it too (they are 3 and 6 and LOVE crab ask them what they want for a special dinner and the answer is CRAB!!!)

  2. Ramen for Breakfast

    Crab. I’m crabby when people mess with it.

    I like crab broiled, steamed, whatever–just don’t take the meat out of the bones, don’t over season, don’t bake it with crap on it–just let me work it out of its shell and enjoy the flavor standing alone.

    The worst, absolutely nastiest, hands-down one of my unfavorite foods is the crab cake. It’s the equivalent of Oysters Rockefeller. It’s like taking chicken and making chicken salad or taking delicious beef and making a meatloaf. I think I’m a purist. No wonder I like sushi.


  3. eliza

    i like your new design, even though it’s a soft launch like you said…

    i must say i still love the asian preparation for crab, that’s black pepper crab. the spicier the better 🙂

  4. leanne

    When I was in SF last year, I had the best dungeoness crab ever – it was steamed in some garlicky, white wine-y, buttery sauce. It was a mess to eat but so delicious!

  5. mary louise wojahn

    Could you please make your recipes easier to print?
    I’m looking for a soup recipe with coconut milk and seafood. I mentioned it at a cooking class, I believe it may be Thai.

  6. Jacquie

    Hi Jaden!

    The shrimp looks wonderful! My favorite crab to eat is Hairy Crab. You can’t get it in America but it’s quite famous in China/Hong Kong. Have you ever had it??

    Well my favorite way to eat it is just steamed, picked apart by hand, and dipped into a special black vinegar (dzeet cho) that has slices of ginger marinated in it.


  7. Annie N

    Steamed dungeness is great but when I’m back in Malaysia, the mudcrabs are always bathed in either a sweet sour chilli sauce or in black pepper sauce. Yum!

  8. Cakebrain

    Hey Jaden,
    I live in Vancouver, B.C. and Dungeness crab is the norm in Chinese restaurants…though you can get Snow Crabs too…but they look too much like spikey spiders to me! The only crab worth eating is Dungeness crab (from an authentic Cantonese restaurant) with a garlicky Ginger & Green Onion sauce clinging to its orangey-red shell. If the chef did it right, there would be the artery-clogging “innards” deep fried to a crisp when you peeked under the hood. All of this glorious crabbiness would be stacked on top of a bed of Yee-Mein, which would soak up all the crab juices and sauce. This, you would grab with your chopsticks–and it would resist in a tug-o-war– slithering and sliding back into the noodle pile until you finally ended up pulling and plucking a huge clump of Yee-Mein to the dismay of the rest of your table. “Hey, it was all stuck together!” you would exclaim. MMM. Come to Vancouver and eat the best crab in the world. Juicy and succulent.

  9. kwan

    If I can find the soft-shelled stuff then pan-fried and lightly breaded is definitely the way to go…

  10. Kevin

    Those shrimp look so good and they are so big! You know I do not think I have ever had crab. Come to think of it I tried lobster once when I was young and I have not had it since. I will have to add both crab and lobster to my to try list!

  11. Carol

    I’m so glad I came upon your blog. Love your humor! I am totally new to the whole blog thing (a month ago I didn’t know what a blog was and now I have one!) and I am in the Tampa Bay area. I’d love to know where you shop for food! I moved here from California and am having a hard time adjusting to the lack of Whole Foods and Trader Joes and Gelsons!
    Check out my blog if you have a chance, I’d love to know what you thiink. I am all gluten free.
    PS My favorite way to have crab is simple – steamed with lemon and butter.

  12. Suji

    That shrimp dish is what I need to make to get over my jetlag;).

    Favorite way of having crab…hmmmm
    crab cooked in an onion, garlic, blackpepper and tad bit of tamarind paste gravy…. yummmm

  13. catalina

    My favorite ways to have crab, forced-ranked:
    1. Cooked in coconut milk/cream, with yard-long beans and squash/pumpkin
    2. Steamed, with vinegar-garlic-shallot dipping sauce
    3. Thanh Long style

  14. betty q.

    Dungeness Crab!..I cook it only two ways that my boys and hubby prefer…cut into segments and deep-fried first and sauteed in a cream sauce with garlic, ginger and green onion , then a touch of coconut milk and cream. Sometimes, I leave out the cream sauce …just have it coated with eggwhite and cornstarch and then deep-fried…sauteed in a garlicky, spicy thingy…have to have rice with it though!

  15. Nathan

    those pics are dripping wit delicious-ness! =]
    man, crab is good cooked any way. give it to me any way, its just plain good.

  16. amyjo smith

    pizza!! omgosh, it’s so yummy on a gino’s pizza – i live at the coast, my dad and son are always bringing in fresh crab and aside from eating enough to be full before dinner while *picking* the crab for dinner…the stuff that made it into the *picked* bowl was absolutely FANTASTIC on pizza one night (working in the pizza joint helps…)

    wishing there were fresh crab tonight!

  17. Jon Szostak

    Alaskan King Crab legs, steamed with white wine and old bay. Of course, drawn butter for dipping! Simple but fabu!!

  18. Giabella Designs

    Okay, so the shrimp is scaring me! I will make this dish but the the normal, every day looking shrimp that I find in the grocery. Those long thingys by those beady black eyes are going to give me nightmares tonight! Seriously, I love crabcakes and just plain steamed snow crabs with lots of artery clogging BUTTER!

  19. Rachel

    This sounds delicious!

    I’m from Maryland, so I have to repeat that my favorite way to have crabs is steamed with Old Bay, picked at the table, and dipped in white vinegar.

  20. Zenchef

    ahahahaha…omg i love that ctrl. alt. del. salute LOL…hahahahaha
    Gosh that’s a classic! 🙂
    I’ll try it when the occasion arise!

    If i was a shrimp i would write that recipe in my Will .. it looks Shrimplicious!!

  21. Betty

    I love crab no matter how it’s cooked!!! Here in VA, you can get soft shelled blue crab. Just fry it in a pan, slap some mayo between 2 pieces of bread and viola – a crab sandwich……… mouth is watering just thinking about it. PS— Good luck on the C_A_D ’cause OMG it’s like your BFF etc etc.

  22. Pearl

    My parents are from Burma, so the way we had crab growing up was in a simple curry, coconut milk added if we were going fancy. I remember my grandmother sitting at the table sucking and chewing on one crab for about an hour. For whatever reason, asians really like to chew on the shells to extract all the flavor they can. They did that a lot with chicken bones too. I’m really happy to have been born in America. The chewing and spitting out fettish skipped my generation, Thank God!

  23. Hcooker

    I love to make crab cakes. I like finding recipes that use LITTLE filler and LOADS of crab! And I love recipes for interesting sauces/dips for them.

  24. Suneeta

    You had me cracking up with the ‘three finger salute’. I’ve been known to do exactly the same.
    Now I live in the SF bay area so luckily crab is a regular feature in our home. My favorite way is actually very similar to the roasted crab killer recipe. Only I use just garlic, butter, oil, salt and pepper and roast it for about 10 minutes. We just had it last night with a nice sourdough baguette to soak up the yummy juices.

  25. Madeline

    Oh my, those shrimp look absolutely divine! As for crab, I love it prepared anyway however, crab cakes are one of my favorite foods of all time.

  26. Danielle N

    I love the Chinese restaurant salt and pepper fried crabs! So fattening but so addicting!

  27. Lindsay

    mmmmm: your posts always leave me hungry!
    (thanks for sharing, as usual)

    as for the crab question: it would be a no brainer, and would make the chiu chow side of my family proud –

    steamed crab, then thrown in the fridge so it gets nice and cold, and served with vinegar – of coures there are slivers of finely chopped ginger in the vinegar1

  28. daphne

    those shrimps look amazing. your lucky family!

    My favorite way of having crab- Chilli crab with egg sauce..with golden fried mantou (bread buns) to soak up all the hot goodness..

    just typing that makes me hungry!

  29. Scott

    My favorite way to have crab is to just steam with with Old Bay and then eat them by dipping them in red wine vinegar and melted butter. So good!!

  30. kim2

    while a current resident of maryland, i shun the dousing in old bay preparation. give ’em to me plain. steamed. with optional butter on the side. what a pity to clutter up such a perfect seafood!

  31. Rachel

    I LOVE crab! My favorite is the classic crab cake, or well, just steamed crab with a healthy serving of butter. Call me traditional, or just living in a land-locked state. I can’t say anyone is “full of ideas” for crab eating here. Maybe I could start a trend!

  32. Kim

    Favorite is just steamed crab using beer and an Old Bay spice mix.
    I’m from Baltimore and can easily clean out a ton of crabs in just a few minutes. My grandmother and I always did this after everyone had gotten their fill of the crab meat.
    We would sit down and clean out the rest of the crabs for quite sometime and then refrigerate the meat and some of the shells to make crabcakes and maryland crab soup the next day.
    Best ever.

  33. matt

    what a tough question…i’m going to have to stick with ol’ faithful…steamed with a healthy dish of melted butter…i’m going to eat right now.

  34. Marja

    I LOVE crab. Anyway I can get it !

    Blue crab: steamed with lots of Old Bay and cider vinegar to dip it in. (Also helps get rid of the “mustard”, which I DON’T like !) Any leftover crab is picked and saved for crabcakes and cream of crab or maryland crab soup.

    Snow/king crab: steamed and served with butter for dipping.

    I even like krab (although in no way does it compete with REAL crab), especially in a fiery, red sauce that the local Thai restaurant makes !

  35. dlc

    i love crab the chinese style with ginger and scallions! 🙂

    love your site steamykitchen! it’s a sub-conscious addiction these days. i can sometimes type the site in while completely zoned out as i sit down at my computer.

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