Giveaway: The Barman

The Barman is a wireless cocktail-mixing platform for your smartphone.Just select your drink size, your glass size, and mix! The Barman will tell you what to pour, when to start pouring, and when to stop.

Device Specifications:
-Bluetooth 4.0
-Battery Operated (4AAA)
-Blue Backlit LCD
-64 Ounce Drink Capacity
-Range of up to 50 feet
-Two high-output CREE glass-illumination LEDs
-Power-saving sleep mode
-Water-resistant . . .

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Giveaway: Enviroboards

Traditional cutting boards contain more germs than a toilet! Enviroboard’s patented technology allows it to be 100% sanitized and sterilized in the microwave in just 60 seconds. Clinical studies have shown that cutting boards used for chopping meat can harbor bacteria even after washing. It’s time to keep your family safe!

Enviroboards’ Key Attributes:

 Sterilize in Microwave
FDA . . .

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Giveaway: Cavaliere-Euro SV218D Wall Mount Range Hood


What makes the kitchen range hood so important? The range hood is essential for ventilating byproducts of cooking in an enclosed space. Otherwise, the kitchen and the cabinetry surrounding the cooking surface fills with grease, smoke, heat and odors during cooking. Also, the grease can build up and . . .

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Adobe Creative Cloud Photography

Giveaway: Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan Membership

Adobe is celebrating 25 years of Photoshop and to commemorate this milestone, Photoshop is profiling 25 of the most creative visual artists under the age of 25 on their new Instagram feed (@photoshop). In the coming months, the selected artists will be taking over Photoshop’s Instagram account for 2 weeks at a time so they . . .

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Oregon Scientific

Giveaway: Oregon Scientific Grill-Right Bluetooth® BBQ Thermometer

No need to wait by the grill to find out when dinner is ready – this wireless Bluetooth® barbecue thermometer alerts you when the your meal has reached the perfect temperature. Program your choice of eight entrees and choose the desired doneness – and you’re good to grill!

Receive temperature alerts on your iOS or Android . . .

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chinese stir fried pea sprouts recipe-3902

Giveaway: Mercola Grow Microgreens and Shoots Kit

Grow your very own live, raw superfoods at home. And they’re easily grown indoors on a windowsill in as little as 5 to 14 days! Your very own superfoods garden – right on your windowsill.

Why Eat Organic Sprouts?

They can contain up to 100 times more natural enzymes than raw vegetables and fruits
They’re a source of sunlight . . .

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Giveaway: TIM3 MACHIN3 Rice Cooker

TIM3 MACHIN3™, Stainless Steel, 20 CUP / 4 quart

Rice Cooker • Food Steamer • Slow Cooker • Yogurt Maker

 Faster: Cooks rice up to 40% faster!
Smarter: Fuzzy Logic 2.0™ monitors temperature above and below the cooking pot and makes adjustments automatically.
Does more: also includes specialized functions for steam, slow cook, quinoa, yogurt and oatmeal.
Built for quality: extra . . .

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Giveaway: ThermoWorks TIMESTICK TRIO®

TimeStick Trio is the easiest-to-use triple timer in the world. Each of the three timers has its own display with its own Set and Start/Stop buttons. No confusion on how to set a timer, how much time is left, which one is sounding or how to stop any of the three.

3 Timers in One
Easy to . . .

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Giveaway: iPad Mini


This giveaway is sponsored by me Steamy Kitchen- that’s me!

This month, we’re celebrating our 8th year of Steamy Kitchen! Woot! I can’t believe we’ve been running this amazing food blog for EIGHT years. We are so blessed to have created a thriving business, thanks to YOU, our loyal fans and readers. THANK YOU.

Here’s to another . . .

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Puracy Housewarming Bundle

Giveaway: Puracy Housewarming Bundle

It’s easy to assume that the cleaning products that we use at home eeryday are safe. When we go to the supermarket to pick up, say, a bottle of dishwashing soap we expect one thing from it: TO CLEAN!

Well, surprise, suprise! Did you know that a good lot of them are actually frighteningly toxic to your family’s . . .

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air dock-

Giveaway: The Air Dock 2.0

The most convenient way to charge your mobile device in your car.

The Air Dock is a wireless charging station for your mobile device. Simply place your device onto the Air Dock to wirelessly charge!

How does it work?

The Air Dock is a wireless car charger and dock for smartphones and tablets that are equipped with Qi inductive . . .

Giveaway Ends: 2015-04-21
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Giveaway: Crisp™ Cooking Tools

I’m not 100% certain when I say this but I think only people who have been cooking for a long time know the difference between great cooking tools and not-so-great ones. Say, a peeler or a knife, for example. To most people, a peeler is just a peeler. You go to the store and pick . . .

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