I recently heard this quote by Ray Bradbury, “Jump off a cliff and build your wings on the way down.” It’s supposed to be an inspirational quote, but I can’t shake off a animated gif of a disastrous ending. If retelling of inspirational quotes is anything like the game of telephone, perhaps Mr. Bradbury’s original quote was more eloquent. I just …


New logo, new stuff coming!


Ever since our post Needs Reboot, Scott had I have been working so hard re-vitalizing our business. We’ve been listening to podcasts, reading business manifestos, devouring great books, masterminding with smart people and having “Board of Directors” meetings with Nathan and Andrew at the dinner table. The boys have equal say in the business (most of the time), there have been a couple …


Goodbye Kitchen!


After 3 years of planning, designing, re-designing and procrastinating, we’ve finally started our kitchen remodel. I’ve been both looking forward to and dreading the start date – three weeks without a kitchen is traumatic. Well, I should say estimated three weeks. Which probably means closer to 3 months in home remodel timeline. I spent all weekend cleaning out the cabinets and …


Review: iDevices Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer


I love this thing! No more having to wonder if my timer went off (while I’m in a different room). My phone syncs with the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer and will zap me when the food is done (just kidding – it just beeps). Or how about when the grill is outside and you’re inside the house?!   Review of the …


Biggest Fans


Meet my biggest fans. My parents and their Cantonese Karaoke Group….all wearing my Steamy Kitchen “Keep Calm and Wok On” shirt. My parents live in Las Vegas, which for them is an ideal place to retire. Cheap buffets, lots of shows and concerts and a thriving Chinese retirement community. I think it took a couple of years before my parents …


Amazing Wok Invention

Glen with his inventions

I’d like to say I’m venture capitalist. Or at least pretend to be one. I’ve backed just a total of 96 startup projects via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. If you count the additional six projects that I pledged funding to but didn’t succeed, that’s 105 companies that I’ve invested in. Although, I think I need to reclassify my activity as a “hobby” instead …


A beginner again


I grew up very typical Asian-American. Which means, all those funny “signs that you were raised by Asian immigrant parents” – ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! Okay, well not all of it, but certainly the mandatory piano lessons part. The lessons were fun, but the daily practice was excruciatingly painful. I hated practicing so much that Mom made me set the kitchen timer so …


What I’m Listening to: Exercise Your Brain!

favorite podcasts

Ever since having babies, I have this “thing” that makes it really hard for me to read large blocks of text. I’ve never had it diagnosed nor have I even mentioned it to a professional. It’s either a mental condition or I’m just too lazy to get past 3 paragraphs. Either way, It’s not slowed me down one bit, I’ve just stuck to …


Time to make some changes

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 12.27.02 PM

Last night, I had a dream that I suffered from a concussion and couldn’t remember the past 24 hours. It was such a strange feeling, dreaming of “I wonder if this is real or if this is a dream” but then concluding that it was NOT a dream. Immediate dream-panic. At the moment of peak panic, I startled myself awake. Naturally, the first …


Trying my best to explain why I had fish sperm in the refrigerator

white mullet roe-0757

So I posted on Facebook: Andrew is my 10 year old son. I wasn’t going to elaborate further on FB, nor did I even intended to bring this up on my  blog (it would seem to be somewhat inappropriate for a food blog) but I feel like I must TRY to explain, since I’ve had 5 friends decline invitations to …


Hatching Baby Ducks!

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 3.40.53 PM

Almost exactly a month ago, we ordered 20 fertile duck eggs online and 2 incubators – one for each of the boys’ classrooms. For 27 days, the kids took daily measurements of the eggs (weighing each egg over time), monitored growth through a candler, made sure the eggs were rotated and kept the temperature and humidity in check. Each egg was …


Cancer sucks.


  Sometimes, it takes a massive emotional jolt to really start taking care of yourself.  For my assistant, Cheri, it took a sudden, heart-wrenching stage 4 cancer diagnosis for her Dad. He wasn’t feeling well, went to the doctor….and then walked out of the door, shocked with a “death sentence” in hand. This was 5 months ago. For me, a good …