Not so enthusiastic about numbers

How can you resist those pleading eyes, those eyes that say, “Mama, please don’t make me go to school…” as if it was the most horrible punishment I could ever dream up for a 5 year old. When I was in kindergarten, I remember it was all fun and we’d spend our days playing in the dollhouse and dress up. …


The Hotness Will Blind You

My brother, Jay, and I look nothing alike. And the truth is he’s like a perfect blend of Mom and Dad and me? I just look like too many years of mingling bodily fluids with strange people in my younger years, eating too much movie theater popcorn with extra butter butter flavored crisco colored with yellow #10 and way too …


Club Med Ixtapa: A Week of Gluttony

For more photos of Club Med Ixtapa – click on the photo above. I have about 10 more photos in the slideshow. If I had to choose between driving or being driven, I will always choose being a passenger. But with steering rights and final decision on the destination. Oh and exclusive access to the horn, radio, air conditioner, GPS …


Andrew’s Debut on TV

For the past year, Andrew has been asking me, “Mama, can I do a cooking show with you?” and I’ve kinda resisted, mainly because a 5 year old boy…specifically MY 5 year old boy is quite unpredictable. How do I know that he’s not just going to blurt out my dirty laundry on LIVE TV?…


Steamy Kitchen Cookbook Update + More Testers!

I’m getting so close…I can smell it! So far, I’ve written 90 recipes and shot over 65 photographs…but I’m a little behind – and still have 30 more photographs and another 15 recipes to go. I must give great thanks to a hardcore team of testers who have been relentlessly testing…


Wonton Noodle Soup


Watch me make Chinese Wonton Noodle Soup in a video and I’ll give you the secrets to folding, freezing and cooking wonton noodle soup…


Making a SteamyKitchen fashion statement

This weekend, we decided to take the kids to DisneyWorld to celebrate Andrew’s 5th birthday. I had absolutely nothing to do with Scott’s selection of attire and this just goes to show you how much this man loves me, by wearing the SteamyKitchen shirt that I made him….


Having a Demi Moore Moment

Last night, Scott came home after being away for a week playing the World Series of Poker main event in Las Vegas. Out of 6844 players, he finished 466th, earning a very nice prize package of $27,000. I am so very proud of Scott, as this is his first time playing such a big live tournament…


“Meat” Fried Rice – Four Ways


My editor, Jeff Houck, sent over a picture of pan-fried Scrapple slice and my heart fluttered like crazy. “Scrapple? Scrapple! What’s Scrapple? I asked him,” and within 30 minutes was off to the supermarket to find Scrapple, a distant cousin to Spam. Yes, I have an odd fascination with meat that comes in it’s own coffin. “hmmm…I wonder if I …


Bring home the bacon, baby!

Scott is a semi-professional poker player -and I say “semi” because: a) he’s got a business he tends to 10am-6pm and he plays poker in the evening after the boys go to bed b) I think my mother would freak out if she thought my husband, the man of the house, provided for the …


Figs With Bri needs our help

Bri is one of the 5% of women diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 30. That was two and a half years ago. In her words, “I was 28 … I was told I would need a mastectomy (full removal) of my right breast. It was horrifying and surreal. Particularly since I watched my mom…