5 Great Microwave Meals + Our Microwave Veggie Cheat Sheet!

If you know anything about Steamy, you know that we LOVE microwave cooking. Why all the love? Because it’s practically your kitchen’s magic wand. Busy day? No problem! Just zap your food, and BOOM! Dinner’s ready! What’s also great about microwave cooking is that, because of its shorter heating timeframe, it can preserve more nutrients than pan frying for many dishes.

The problem with microwaves is the way we think of them. Microwaves have become synonymous with soggy, sad meals, but the truth is: it’s all in the technique! With a bit of know-how, you can master the art of making mind-blowing microwave dishes, including amazing sides and delicious desserts.

Here are a few Steamy Kitchen microwave meals that no one will believe you didn’t spend hours on. 


5 Great Microwave Meals

Breakfast: Poached Eggs

Rushing through the morning with little time to eat? No worries! With this microwave recipe, you can have eggs benedict-quality eggs in under five minutes!

Get the recipe here!

two poached eggs with a salad on a blue plate.


Lunch: Quesadillas

Love ultra cheesy quesadillas, but don’t love dealing with a greasy mess? We got you covered. Learn how to make this stuffed quesadilla in the microwave in just a couple of minutes.

Get the recipe here!

Tray of quesadillas on a small sheet pan with salsa.


Side: Perfect, Fluffy Rice

Cheaper and way more convenient than using a rice cooker, this microwave recipe will get you perfectly cooked, fluffy rice in no time!

Get the recipe here!

how to make perfect rice in the microwave


Dinner: Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Who has time to make chicken pot pie from scratch? Skip the involved process and make this easy peasy chicken pot pie right in your microwave!

Get the recipe here!

Chicken pot pie in a white ramekin.


Dessert: Chocolate Cake

Who says you need an hour or more to make an indulgent dessert? Forget the stove, and make this decadent chocolate cake in your microwave in minutes!

Get the recipe here!

Secret ingredient chocolate cake


Want More Microwave Meal Recipes?

If you’re looking for our full list of microwave meals, look no further. Click here for the full list. 


Ready for the Ultimate Microwave Cheat Sheet?

If you want to know how to many a number of veggie sides and dishes in the microwave, we have the perfect thing for you! It’s our Microwave Veggie Cheat Sheet! Never again will you have to worry about not having enough time to make lunch or dinner. This cheat sheet will have your guests thinking you slaved away over the stove all day.

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