Did you know oysters are ticklish?


I’ve managed to have packed a month’s worth of activities in Seattle into a weekend. We (my luggage and I) were in Seattle for BlogHer Food, a conference where 500 food bloggers congregate in one spot to talk about food, eat food, take pictures of food and gush about how great we all are. No joke. I love it. We …


Perks is a strange sounding word


One perk of having your own business is being able to combine a biz trip with a mini vacation. I feel a bit sneaky sometimes, how can I call hanging out on the beach, “work”?! Last week Scott and I took off for a few days to meet with my friends at [Cooking.com](http://cooking.com), who run the [Steamy Kitchen Store](http://store.steamykitchen.com) business …


Pampering my gals

Dole Salad Party large

One of the reasons we bought this property is that it’s big enough to get reasonably lost in. Or purposely hidden in. Or accidently both, especially when you’re playing hide and seek with the kids with freedom of 5 acres, 3 buildings, 2 ponds, 2 hen houses and a “freaky forest.” We have a separate cottage that is mainly used …


Glen Grant Scotch and my Scottish Dad


Scott’s Scotch Corner: In my office I have two cabinets, one filled with single malt Scotch whiskys that I refere to as my everyday drinking scotches. The other cabinet holds my ever growing rare Scotch collection. These bottles are held in reserve for those special occasions like zero year birthdays and anniversaries. I justify keeping them around because of their …


$100 Startup


I’ve had a keen mind for business for as long as I can remember – when I was a little girl, I used to ask myself, “how can I make this more fun?” – a question that got me and my inquisitive mind in trouble quite a bit. I think I spent more time in the time out corner holding …


Fun Finds


How to Make Your Own Spring Rolls from Health.com Shrimp and Avocado Appetizers from Weight Watchers How to make a Mason Jar Lantern from Chez Beeper Bebe FreshPet Pet Food. Coco’s food smells better than what I make sometimes. Top 50 iPhone Apps for Kids from Babble! How to Turn a Pallet into a Garden from Life On The Balcony.


Fun Finds


Cookbook edition! Every week, I receive an armful of cookbooks to review from publishers. Here are my favorites.    Asian Tofu – Another winner from Andrea Nguyen! An absolute must for any tofu lover. Even learn how to make it from home. Delish Cooking School – This book is a full-color encyclopedia of cooking with step by step photos on …


Steamy Kitchen Store Sale


It’s a sale!! We’re having a major sale at the Steamy Kitchen Store – if you’ve got your eye on some kitchen products, come on over and have a little shopping spree! Hurry, the offer expires in a couple of days! My friends over at Cooking.com run the entire store operation for Steamy Kitchen – from customer service to billing …


Call for Cookbook Testers!


Wow. After a year of developing recipes, testing, writing, styling and photographing, we’re ready for recipe testing! A couple of years ago, when I asked for help from readers to test recipes from my first book, I think close to 175 people responded enthusiastically and participated — just simply amazing! This time, instead of 175 testers, I think we’ll go …


Fishs Eddy Love


A couple of years ago, I met up with buds David Lebovitz, Elise Bauer, Matt Armendariz & Adam in NYC….I can’t exactly remember why we were there….but I do remember the Korean fried chicken, donuts and shopping at Fishs Eddy. Fishs Eddy is paradise for inexpensive dinnerware and glassware, i.e. a candystore for food bloggers. By the way, window prop-shopping with Matt & …


Fun Finds


Petite Treat Stands Ball Mason Jar Votive Lantern–Made to Order Blanco Solon Compost System Bacon Hearts for Valentine’s Day Egg Candles Beautiful Handmade Cutting Boards Wellies on the Rocks Easy diy garage storage for all kinds of gear. A Fast Way to Bake a Cookie: Use a Waffle Iron!


Cookbook Shoot


My head is still spinning from the past few days – we just finished a whirlwind session of photography for my next book (another easy Asian cookbook). This time, instead of doing it all by myself, I enlisted the help of Todd, Diane and Jenna to protect my sanity. Originally, I had planned on having T&D style and shoot the book …