Giveaway: Kitchen iPad Rack

Under cabinet mount, clear removeable iPad rack for your kitchen. Keep your iPad safe from spills and accidents.


Version 28.4.6

I’ve just finished Version 28.4.6 of my book proposal. Done. No more. I’m writed out. Why so many versions and why this silly little numbering system? I’ve written the entire document in Adobe In Design. I’ve had this Adobe program that specializes in publishing documents for 3 years now. I’ve never once used it before until now. I think I …


Giveaway: Lori Greiner Kitchen & Beauty Products

Lori Greiner Kitchen and Beauty Product GiveawayI love supporting smart, creative business women, and this lady tops the cake. Lori Greiner is the designer and mastermind behind some of QVC’s most popular kitchen and beauty products, selling millions of travel, health, beauty and kitchen products direct on television.She’s been featured in Oprah Magazine, Everyday Rachael . . .


Subway Launches Banh Mi

Subway launches the Vietnamese Bahn Mi! Okay, not really. But I gotcha, didn’t I?? Guess, who got me? Eat Drink & Be Merry, one of the very first bloggers I’ve ever met in person waaaay back nearly 4 years ago. His poster design on the left here was so convincing (EDBM is a graphic designer by day) that I held …


Thoughts on Blogging

I’m celebrating a birthday this month, my beloved SteamyKitchen.com turns 4 in the next few days. Actually, I think it has turned 4 already, but there were some really wacky first posts that I just had to hide from public view, well, let’s just say back then, the blog had an audience of ONE. My husband. So, you can imagine …