Super Frico Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Usually, the kitchen is loud….or should I say “lively” – the boys are running through with their Nerf guns, old-school Madonna playing on Pandora, me singing, “borderline….feels like I’m going to lose my mind…you just keep on pushing my love….” and Coco at my feet, waiting for me to drop a morsel of food as I fling my arms trying …


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Chick Update: 15 Days Old

It’s been so quiet the past couple of days (taxes done, manuscript submitted, Scott out of town, kids at school) — unnaturally quiet until last night when I think Buddha just decided that our house needed an interjection of chaos to bring things back to normal. I’ve been keeping the baby chicks in the covered patio, in a big plastic tub filled …


Lamb Burgers with Brie and Quick Pickled Red Onions

Lamb is crazy-expensive at our markets, it’s actually cheaper to go to a fancy restaurants to order lamb chops than it is for me to cook at home.  Ground lamb prices are a little better, but still a splurge when compared to beef. Splurge I must (yum….lamb….) and decided that I need to fancy the lamb burger up with warm, …


Brussels Sprouts Chinese Sausage Recipe

The Chinese equivalent to bacon is Chinese Sausage, or “lap cheong” in Cantonese. If there’s one ingredient that will make brussels sprouts your most favorite vegetable, it’s Chinese Sausage (yes, even more so than bacon). Chinese Sausage is the secret ingredient to my fried rice – and hey, it’s sold on (actually, that’s a pretty good price $12.85 for a …


Giveaway: Food Blogging For Dummies

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Giveaway: Masterbuilt Electric Smoker


Okay, all you smoking fans! Here’s your chance to win an ammmaaaazing package – a 30″ Masterbuilt Electric Smoker worth $349.00 and two smoking books, Simple Smoking and The Joy of Smoking and Salt Curing from Skyhorse Publishing. Good luck! ~Jaden
Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Giveaway
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New Baby Chicks Arrive in Mail!

When we first decided to get chickens, my intention came from an omnivore’s point of view….FRESH EGGS! Little did I know that these little darlings would become our lovable pets first and foremost….and fresh eggs as a really cool bonus feature. Sidenote: Wouldn’t it be cool if every pet came with an unrelated bonus feature….like if your cat does your …


Miso Mashed Potatoes

You know the beginning stages of falling in love? That exhilarating, “I’ll stop the world and melt with you….” feeling (that’s for my Modern English fans). Well, back on 8/8/08, my birthday a few years ago, I fell in love all over again with my husband. The morning of my birthday, he told me, “pack your bags, we’re going on a …


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Stainless Steel 1 Quart Saucepan with Cover
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