Rosemary Garlic Steak


I’ve been fortunate in my life to meet some of the greatest people who have influenced food in a major way, from television chefs like Martin Yan to cooking greats like Jacques Pepin. But the person who I’ve enjoyed meeting the most is Marcella Hazan, who happens to live here in Florida. (read about when I first met Marcella and …


Lamb Chops with Curried Pears

See shot-by-shot commentary of photos that led up to the money shot. Rock Star Chef Kerry Simon A couple of weeks ago during a trip to Los Angeles, I bumped into rock star chef Kerry Simon at every kitchen fanatic’s dream bookstore, The Cook’s Library. What elevates Kerry to rock star status? Well, how about the fact that Rolling Stone …


Grilled Garlic and Rosemary Ribeye Steak


One of the greatest things about July 4th weekend is that ALL THE MEAT IS ON SALE!!! Beautifully marbled Angus ribeye steaks for $5.99 a pound. By the way that I cooked tonight, you would have thought we were celebrating the holiday early!

I have a dilemma. I have about …