Happy healthy Monday Steamy Kitchen! Today the theme of our giveaway is self-care, wellness and good health. Taking care of your body and mind is a form of good health and we want to encourage that lifestyle on Steamy Kitchen!

We are giving away one $100 gift card to the winners choice of a gym or spa near you! Take the day off, and relax at your favorite spa, maybe even get a massage. Relaxing not your style? Head to a local gym to get your sweat on or check out crossfit gyms in your area!

$100 Gym or Spa Gift Card

It can be extremely hard to get up and go to the gym some days so let this $100 gift card be your motivation. You can do some research on different gyms and find which one you like best. Get excited about it, make a commitment to yourself, get out and get your blood pumping. It will feel soo good I promise! 

Head to the spa instead of the gym and get a relaxing massage, its soso good for the body. Or look into getting a facial or maybe something different like a mud bath! 

Both of these options are amazing self-care opportunities that will make your body feel good. Also not to mention, the wonderful mental health benefits that come with exercise and relaxing the mind. 

Wonderful Self-Wellness For the Mind and Body

We will be sharing a few self wellness tips with you that you can carry in your mind and apply to your life when feeling stressed or depresed.

Make a list of alll of the things you are grateful for. You can reflect on this list and revel in the happy feeling that all of the people or activities bring you. Take a peek at your list when you need a reminder of what it’s like to feel happy. 

Example list:

  • the way clouds look when the sun sets
  • spending time with friends that I love
  • waking up early and making a cup of coffee in the french press
  • my niece
  • the way my dogs get excited when I come home
  • Steamy Kitchen giveaways 

Your list can be as simple or as detailed as you would like, I like to try and focus on the simple things!

Eat what makes you happy! No, not bags of potato chips and packs of cookies. I mean find meals that make you excited to cook. Meals that make your body feel good on the inside and out.

There are tons of healthy options and you can even start here on Steamy Kitchen! Healthy General Tso Chicken, Healthy Garlicky Spinach Artichoke Dip with Baked Tofu Fries, Healthy Spaghetti and Meatballs: 2 Secret Ingredients, Steamy Kitchen Signature Buddha Bowls.

Do some research and find a food that absolutely makes your mouth water! Take the time to cook it and also take the time to savor every bite as it nourishes your body. 

Want to add even more abundance to your meal? Invite some people that you love over for dinner and cook up something special for everyone to enjoy together.

Make an effort to stay healthy and fit. I’m not saying “Have six pack abs and be able to run 5 miles,” all I’m saying is get your blood flowing once a day. 

This could include:

  • going for a walk with your neighbor
  • getting a membership at a local pool (so good for low impact exercise)
  • doing at home yoga (chair yoga whatttt!)
  • getting a massage
  • taking dance classes 

Getting active can be fun, you just. have to get creative!

Try new things! It is so healthy for your mind to be engaged in something new. Continuing to complete the same tasks every day becomes boring mindless.  

Challenge yourself with things that you have always wanted to try like learning how to crochet, writing poetry, or maybe starting a garden.

All of these activities are just an amazon click away. There are also many engaging activities you can find on your phone or computer like playing games or editing pictures.

Keep an ongoing monologue with yourself. Journaling is beneficial in many ways, especially if you are a person that struggles to share thoughts and feelings with other people. Have a conversation with yourself instead! 

Journaling will help you come to realizations about your problems, fears and anxieties. This way you can begin to approach them and face them for a healthier mental space. 

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