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It is Saturday tea time on Steamy Kitchen today because we are giving away a tea party bundle!

The cold months are right around the corner so we want to give you a couple of cozy essentials.

Keep warm with hot organic tea this fall. We will be giving away an elegant electric kettle and a couple boxes of Jaden’s favorite organic teas.

This beautiful black electric kettle will compliment any kitchen counter top. 

Enjoy a steamy cup of earthy aromatic tea in the late evening after lighting up a candle and curling up with a blanket.

As the warm summer season comes to an end, sip on Jaden’s refreshing recipe for Apple Ginger Mint Iced Tea.

Electric Gooseneck Pour Over Kettle

Hard water is water that contains calcium or magnesium mineral ions often in the form of carbonate. These ions do not pose any health threat, but they can engage in reactions that leave insoluble mineral deposits. Hard water mineral deposits, or scaling, is the precipitation of minerals which form lime scale.

How to Descale? Fill the kettle with 1 cup of vinegar or lemon juice and 2 cups of water. Boiling the liquids and leave it for 2 hours, then use cloth to clean and wipe. Rinse the kettle with clean water, and dry with a soft, clean cloth. 

The Purest Taste

The kettle is made with 100% food-grade stainless steel in its housing, lid, and spout, with no Teflon or chemical linings, which keeps the perfect taste for your coffee and tea.

Precise Pouring

The COSORI’s precision pour spout is designed for the optimal pour-over flow rate. The counterbalanced handle helps keep your pour steady, handle moves the center of mass back towards your hand – encouraging a more comfortable, slower pour. Pair our pour over coffee maker (search for CO148-CM) for the perfect brew.

Quick Heating

The 1200 watts of power boils a full kettle in just 3-5 minutes, meaning you can enjoy a cup of coffee in no time. Stop wasting your time in front of the microwave or stove. A 1-hour keep warm function means hot water is always on standby.

Safe Tech and Auto Shut Off

Features British STRIX thermostat technology, auto shut-off after the water get your desired temperature. Boil-dry safety feature where it turns off if it detects there is no water inside.

Jaden’s Favorite Organic Tea 

Harney & Sons Loose Leaf Black Tea, Lapsang Souchong

An ancient and much loved tea from China, large leaves are dried over smoky pine fires. As you might imagine, the tea develops a distinctive smoky flavor. Give it a try when you want a change of pace.

Harney & Sons Japanese Sencha Green Tea 

This Sencha is a very fine one, and can be found in many homes in Tokyo. It is a very approachable green tea, and a fine choice for everyday. Each tea bag brews a 6 to 8 oz cup of tea. 

Tea Party! Electric Kettle + Organic Tea Bundle 

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