Happy happy Monday Steamy Kitchen, today we have a tender and rich review and giveaway for you.

We partnered with the Golden Steer Steakhouse, a local steakhouse here is Vegas since 1958, to bring you some of the juiciest steaks we have ever seen.

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Early Days Of The Steer

In 1958, the New Frontier Hotel was located two blocks south of the Golden Steer Steakhouse on the famous Las Vegas Strip. The employees, stagehands, lounge acts and headliners of the hotel would flock to The Steer for the “Night Owl Specials,” wind-down beverages, and camaraderie.

The Steer Today

Today the Golden Steer’s wine list has grown extensively. Proprietor Dr. Michael J. Signorelli is equally pleased with the culinary improvements the Steer has made over the years while never altering the menu or restaurant aesthetics, both of which have made this time-tested restaurant so popular with locals and visitors of Las Vegas.

About Golden Steer Steaks

Golden Steer only serves all-natural USDA Prime Beef, which is the top 2-5% of beef available on the market. Their cows are grass fed and grain finished, which maximizes the marbling giving steaks their buttery flavor, along with juiciness and tenderness.

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Golden Steer Steakhouse sources their meat from Colorado and Nebraska, where Angus cattle live best. Every steak is wet aged a minimum of 28 days, vacuum sealed to maximize wholeness, then frozen to maintain the integrity of the meat and to give the customer versatility of enjoying the meat at their leisure. 

The Bambino – The Starter Package

What’s in the box:

  • Set of 2 steaks feeds 2-3 people, cut dependent
  • Top 6% of beef, wet-aged for 30 days
  • Hand carved for freshness
  • Housemade Maitre D’ Butter and Au Jus from the butcher
  • Ambiance, recipes & more (that means music)

Inspired by our Italian heritage and patrons, we created The Bambino, which means “child.” This box includes two (2) of our Signature Cuts, Au Jus, Maitre D’ Butter, Sergio’s Seasoning, Spotify Playlist, and Recipes. If you’re looking for the perfect meal for two – look no further than “The Bambino.” Choose your cuts and enjoy! Each ribeye is ~22oz and each filet is ~8oz.

We butcher all our meat in-house, which means no one steak is alike. Some end up extra-large even more than 22 oz, some are slightly smaller at 20 oz but on average our steaks are 22 oz.

Cut Selection

This bundle features steak hand carved from two separate primal sections – beef rib and tenderloin. The perfect combination of juiciness and tenderness. Both USDA Prime cuts offer distinctive profiles. The Ribeyes feature picture perfect marbling. The filets are tender enough to cut with a dull butter knife.

Golden Steer Steakhouse Filet Mignon & Ribeye Review and Giveaway

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