Lunar New Year is all about joy, reflection, and, of course, delicious foods. Drawing from my Chinese heritage and two decades of experience as a recipe developer, I’m excited to share with you a collection of my favorite Chinese New Year cookie recipes.

What I love about these treats is that they’re infused with culture and tradition, and they remind me of all the Chinese baking endeavors I’ve had with my mom. 

I’ve chosen each of these recipes based on what they bring to the New Year table. I’m also including a personal quick tip with each, to help you make them even more special in your own celebrations.

Pineapple Tarts by Rasa Malaysia

Pineapple Tarts are BIG in Chinese New Year because they symbolize wealth and good luck. Rasa Malaysia’s version of this traditional cookie combines that crumbly, buttery pastry with a tangy pineapple jam. They’re a festive season favorite that promises good fortune to all who indulge.

Quick Tip: Add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg to your pineapple filling for an extra layer of flavor. Also, make sure your pineapple jam reaches a thick consistency on parchment paper to avoid soggy tarts. Cool the tarts on a wire rack to keep their crispness.

Delve into the full recipe here.


Chinese New Year Almond Cookies by Simply Recipes

A staple of Chinese-American cooking, Chinese Almond Cookies are all about simplicity and elegance. Simply Recipes brings us a traditional cookie that’s crisp, with a delightful almond flavor. If you like sweets, but not super sugary ones, these are for you. Made with almond flour and topped with an almond, these cookies are a must-have if you’re looking to up those good luck points this New Year season.

Quick Tip: Use an electric mixer to cream together butter and caster sugar, Mix until fluffy and then add in ground almonds or almond meal for a perfect texture. Give those cookies a light brush of egg wash before baking to give them a beautiful golden sheen.

Find the recipe and more here.


Mazola Peanut Cookies by What To Cook Today

Looking to impress the family this year? What To Cook Today’s melt-in-your-mouth Mazola Peanut Cookies are a guaranteed hit. This perfect recipe is made with just a few ingredients, including rich peanut butter. They crumble so beautifully at first bite, leaving you with a smooth, nutty flavor that’ll quickly make these a family favorite. These are one of those Chinese recipes you’ll want to bookmark and make all year long, so just go ahead and do it already. 

Quick Tip: For the best texture, make sure your ingredients (especially the peanut butter and egg yolks) are at room temperature before whipping these up. Resting the cookie dough balls on a cookie sheet before baking also helps them to set with ease.

Discover the recipe here.


Fortune Cookies by Fifteen Spatulas

If you’ve never tried it before, you should know that making Fortune Cookies at home is super easy and super fun, especially with this Fifteen Spatulas’ recipe. These cookies feature a crisp texture and sweet taste that’ll have your guests coming around a second time. Maybe even a third. (Who’s counting, though?) And the best part? The fortunes of course! Who doesn’t love a small prediction with their sweets?

Quick Tip: Write your fortunes on small strips of parchment paper to easily slip them into the cookies. The best part about homemade fortune cookies is personalizing the messages for your friends and family.

Learn how to make them here.


Sesame Balls by The Woks of Life

Sesame Balls are a traditional treat that are almost as fun to make as they are to eat. The Woks of Life have provided step-by-step instructions to help us achieve that chewy sweet red bean paste texture inside and crispy sesame seed coating outside. I don’t know what makes these more fun to eat–the shape or the flavor. Either way, I usually have a hard time stopping myself. 

Quick Tip: To get the sesame seeds to stick to the dough balls, moisten them with a bit of water. Fry them until they’re golden brown, and then let them cool on a wire rack to make sure they stay crunchy.

Explore the full recipe here.


Kuih Bangkit (Tapioca Coconut Cookies) by What To Cook Today

If you’re a coconut lover like me, then you know that Kuih Bangkit are one of the BEST Chinese New Year cookies. They’re light and airy and they infuse your home with a beautiful, fragrant coconut aroma. What To Cook Today divulges all their secrets to perfecting this traditional cookie, and use tapioca flour and coconut milk for that authentic Kuih Bangkit taste.

Quick Tip: The key to perfect Kuih Bangkit cookies is in the preparation of the tapioca flour. Be sure to bake it ahead of time to dry it out completely. Also, your coconut milk should be at room temperature to mix evenly with the flour.

Here’s the recipe for you.


Kuih Kapit (Love Letter Biscuit / Crispy Coconut Rolls) by What To Cook Today

Have you ever tried Kuih Kapit? They’re crispy coconut rolls that represent layers of happiness and sweet whispers of love this holiday season. Once again, What To Cook Today brings us a brilliant recipe that allows us to make these classic cookies without a traditional mold. All it takes is just a few simple ingredients like coconut milk and caster sugar.

Quick Tip: To achieve a perfectly crispy texture, spread the batter thinly on a parchment paper-lined baking tray. Watch them closely as they bake to make sure they don’t burn, and then roll them up quickly while they’re still warm.

Get the detailed instructions here.

We hope this cookie recipes liven up your Chinese New Year celebrations with deliciousness and meaning. As you prepare these treats, may the whole process bring you lots of joy, and fill home with some seriously sweet aromas. Here’s to a year filled with happiness, health, and prosperity! Happy Lunar New Year!

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