It’s that time of year when the chocolate bunnies hit the shelves and everyone’s scrambling to prepare Sunday dinner. Understandably, not everyone is into the hustle and bustle of big crowds. Perhaps you’re not spending the holiday with family, or you just want a calm and cozy Easter in with a friend, lover or family member. If that’s the case, this list is for you. 

For those of us who prefer the charm of a more intimate gathering, brunch for two on Easter Sunday morning is the perfect way to celebrate. And we’ve gone down the rabbit hole (ba-dum tsss!) of Easter brunch recipes to find you some hidden gems. So, let’s get away from the usual suspects this holiday (the same ol’ boring Easter breakfasts) and hop toward some of the best brunch recipes out there. 

Ready for some fresh, new Easter brunch ideas?


Easy Quiche Recipe

From Erin of Well Plated

Brunch emergency? Call in this Easy Quiche Recipe!

Photo: Well Plated By Erin

Starting your Easter morning with Erin’s Easy Quiche Recipe is starting it RIGHT! It skips the fuss of pre-cooking and shredding, and dives straight into the freshness of spring vegetables and green onions in a pre-baked puff pastry crust. It’s the perfect recipe for those who love the idea of a classic quiche without the classic prep work.

Get the recipe for Erin’s quiche at Well Plated.


Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

From Melissa of Modern Honey

Lemon Ricotta Pancakes

Photo: Modern Honey

When life gives you lemons, make Lemon Ricotta Pancakes! Melissa’s creation blows most Easter desserts out of the water, because these pancakes sit somewhere between a fluffy pancake and a silky crepe. Trust me, you’re going to want to hoard the entire dish yourself. (Hopefully, your +1 understands!) With a little lemon zest and a creamy dollop of ricotta cheese, these fluffy, lemony stacks are easily one of the best Easter brunch ideas ever.

You can find the recipe at Modern Honey.


Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

From Kristen of The Endless Meal

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

Photo: The Endless Meal

Kristen is giving Easter eggs a new meaning, and we’re here for it. Her Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict will make you feel like you found all the golden eggs during your Easter egg hunts. The flavor combo of rich smoked salmon and tangy cream cheese pairs beautifully, but the lemon hollandaise sauce drizzled on top may just be the best part. AND, it’s an easy eggs benedict recipe, so what are you waiting for?! GO! GO! GO!

Hurry over to The Endless Meal for the recipe.


Spring Vegetable & Potato Frittata

From Lori of Recipe Girl

Spring Veggies & Potato Frittata

Photo: Recipe Girl

When you want something that SCREAMS spring, Lori’s Spring Vegetable & Potato Frittata is IT! Plus, with its vibrant colors, it easily makes a visually stunning addition to your Easter brunch table. Now imagine all the fresh flavors of the season paired with a glass of rosé! Talk about sheer indulgence on a leisurely Easter morning.

Savor this season party at Recipe Girl.


Honey Ham Biscuits

From Amanda of Fake Ginger

honey ham biscuits

Photo: Fake Ginger

As far as savory dishes go, Amanda’s Honey Ham Biscuits are basically Easter incarnate. And it’s also the perfect meal for when you need repurpose leftover glazed ham. Or make it from scratch. It’s great either way, honestly! Just remember to top it off with the honey butter glaze, and there you have it: the shining star of your Easter brunch menu!

Enjoy the combo of sweet and savory at Fake Ginger.


15-Minute Strawberry Spinach Salad

From Julia of Julia’s Album

15-Minute Strawberry Spinach Salad

Photo: Julia’s Album

When I think of Easter, I think of new beginnings and vibrant colors, and Julia’s Strawberry Spinach Salad captures that spirit to a T! Check out this absolute SYMPHONY of fresh fruit flavors, featuring sweet strawberries, crisp spinach, creamy feta, and crunchy pecans. AND, this fruit salad comes together in such little time, it puts other Easter recipes to shame. It also makes for the perfect side dish to pair up with a brunch main course, if that’s your vibe. As far as Easter salads go, this one wins at life!

Hop over to Julia’s Album for this vibrant fruit salad.


Smoked Salmon Rosti

From Kaeleigh of Living Chirpy

Smoked Salmon Rosti

Photo: Living Chirpy

Rosti is like if you turned hash browns into finger foods, and Kaeleigh’s Smoked Salmon Rosti is easily one of the best Easter appetizers ever. It’s a recipe for those who believe in the mantra “less is more” because it only takes 4 ingredients to whip up this utterly delicious and elegant dish for two. Top it off with some fresh herbs of your choice, and you have a brunch dish that will WOW whoever’s lucky enough to spend Easter with you.

Indulge yourself with this recipe at Living Chirpy.


Croissant French Toast Bake with Berries

From Amanda of Striped Spatula

Croissant French Toast Bake with berries

Photo: Striped Spatula

Love sweet treats? Imagine sinking your fork into something that’s part breakfast, part dessert, and entirely divine. Amanda’s Croissant French Toast Bake is just that. It’s not your classic French toast. It’s even BETTER! A decadent Easter treat that combines flaky croissants with a custardy base and fresh berries. Plus, it’s a GORGEOUS centerpiece for any brunch table.

Delight your taste buds at Striped Spatula.


Spring Charcuterie Board

From Jennifer of Wanderlust & Wellness

Spring Charcuterie Board

Photo: Wanderlust & Wellness

Charcuterie boards were a superior invention, in my opinion. I find that nothing encourages more quality time and great conversation like sharing cheese, meats and crackers, and Jennifer’s Spring Charcuterie Board is no exception. Her delightful mix of charcuterie meats, spring fruits and vegetables (and more!) is arguably the best way to kick off your Easter brunch. 

Start your own easy Easter brunch board at Wanderlust & Wellness.


Peeps Mimosas

From Tammy of Trop Rockin

Easter Peeps Mimosas

Photo: Trop Rockin’

What’s a festive brunch without Easter cocktails? And Tammy’s Peeps Mimosas are so cute, it hurts! These mimosas are not only easy to whip up, but so immensely fun and colorful, each featuring a Peep as the cherry on top. And they’re a great way to add sweet and bubbly twist to your holiday.

Rock those sweet flavors and “peep” the recipe at Trop Rockin.


BONUS: Easter Activities For Two

After you’ve indulged in that last bite of Croissant French Toast and downed the last remnants of that Peeps Mimosa, you might find yourself sitting back in your chair and thinking, “Okay… what now?” 

Just because the brunch plates are cleared doesn’t mean the fun time has to end. Here are a couple of activities for two bored little bunnies on Easter.

  • The Great Easter Bake-Off: Grab your partner in crime and challenge them to an Easter-themed bake-off. Will it be a battle of the carrot cakes? A duel of the Easter egg-inspired macarons? A showdown with hot cross buns? Whatever it is, the kitchen is your arena. And the best part is that, no matter who wins, you both get to eat the entries. If your creations turn out more “Nailed It” than “Food Network,” perfect! We’re love a good kitchen mishap!
  • DIY Easter Egg Picasso: Get artsy! Ditch the traditional dip-and-dye egg decorating kit this year and go full-on Picasso with your Easter eggs. Grab some plastic eggs and whatever craft supplies you have lying around. Markers, glitter, stickers, even old nail polish! Then let your creativity run WILD. The goal is to create the most outrageous, Instagram-worthy Easter eggs known to mankind. Who will be the winner?
  • Easter Movie Marathon Extravaganza: Once you’ve had your fill of creative competitions, why not settle in for an Easter movie marathon? The cheesier the better. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find movies that neither of you have seen before. Bonus points for anything that has to do with springtime or anything with a rabbit in it. (I do not recommend Watership Down for this activity. We’re going for fun and springy, not something that will leave you an emotional wreck.) You might try: Peter Rabbit, Rabbit School, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, or The Legend of Kung Fu Rabbit. Create a cozy nest on the couch with blankets, some popcorn, and any remaining Easter treats (because let’s be real, there’s always one more chocolate bunny hiding somewhere). It’s a great way to end the day, share some laughs, and maybe even discover your new favorite movie!


Easter Breakfast? Easter Lunch? Why Not Make it an Easter Brunch?

We hope you loved these favorite Easter brunch ideas. I tip my hat to all the amazing recipe developers and food bloggers who created them!

Whoever you’re spending Easter with, we wish you a day filled with love and laughter. And may the Easter bunny bring you something special!

Happy Easter, everyone!


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