I have grand plans for this Easter – but it involves Buddha and God granting a sunny but not too hot day to us. Instead of our usual lavish feast inside the house, I’d love to do a casual Easter picnic in our backyard – something not too fussy yet still special.

No family in town this year for Easter and I haven’t invited anyone over (yet) – so perhaps this might be an intimate family thing. Though I’m open to inviting you if you know how to play guitar I’d love to have some music ‘n singing too! 🙂

I bought everyone in our family guitars last week – none of us know how to play so we signed up for group lessons. Rule #1 of harmonious familial relations: don’t take group guitar lessons. More on that another time. I’m hoping that by Easter Sunday, the family will have learned enough guitar to play a song from Sound of Music for our picnic. We’ll call ourselves the Van Hairs. Actually, not a far fetched idea, since Scott’s middle name is “Georg” (pronounced “gay-org”) just like this fella.

If you’re looking for Easter recipes, especially Easter ham, I’ve got several for you. A few years ago, I worked with the National Pork Board to create a series of super-simple, fail-proof Easter ham recipes – here they are!

Steamy Kitchen Easter Recipes

1. Easter Peeps S’mores

2. Easter Ham with Grilled Peaches

3. Easter Ham with Mango Ginger Glaze

4. Cola-Pineapple Glazed Ham

5. Blackberry Rum Glazed Ham

Easter Picnic pictures from Pinterest

 Easter Picnic Meal in Eggs from Darling Darleen

 Party Carrot utensils from Spoonful

 Lemon Peeptinis by Home is Where the Boat Is

 Hummus with Carrots in little pots by La Receta de la Felicidad

 Easter Bunny Lunch from Creative Food

 Oreo Bunny Truffles from One Sweet Appetite

 Bunny Carrot Dip by Pizzazzerie

 Easter Snacks in Easter Eggs by Bubbly Nature Creations

 Easter Cupcakes Baked in Egg Shells by Cupcake Project

 Easter Hand Dipped Strawberry Carrots by Handmade Charlotte