How many times have you just pushed aside that little sprig of herb garnish the chef throws on? The garnish provides a little flair and color to a dish (and if I’m paying $24 for an entree, it better have flair).


Thrifty Asians know better than to just flick off the garnish, we eat it! Carrot cut with Japanese vegetable cutters, radishes carved into chrysanthemums or daikon artfully chiseled into a swan are all eaten. The exception would be the fake green grass that separates your wasabi from your sushi (ewww).


One of the most popular Asian garnish is green onion – which adds crunch and a hint of onion-y spiciness to a recipe. I really shouldn’t call it garnish – it’s more a “topping” than anything.

To make super-curly green onion, the secret is ice water.

How to Make Curly Green Onion Garnish Video

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