Life is certainly grand for David Lebovitz – even though he did threaten to wear this, but I think he’s too chicken to model that slingshot for us.

Hanging out in Cockburn Town



Adam, Matt, Diane, Elise and me…oh and a camera perched on a rock.

When the locals here at Club Med Columbus Isle say that “you can walk to town…it’s just around the corner,” they really mean it’s 4 miles round trip! It would’ve been okay if

1) I wasn’t wearing flip flops
2) was thirsty, but had planned on that “short” walk for some Cuban rum

We wanted to make a short movie about our long journey for Cuban rum (…oh…shuddup…4 miles round trip in flip flops walking on uneven roads is a long journey!)

But when we got to town, WHAT???? NO CUBAN RUM!!!



And so I ranted in the movie, threatening to twist the bartender’s nipples if he didn’t get us some Cuban Rum.


The End.


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The End.