In this Simple Roasted Tomato Sauce recipe, you’ll learn why roasting tomatoes produces the best tasting sauce that you can enjoy tonight, can or freeze for later.

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Why you’ll love this Simple Roasted Tomato Sauce recipe:

  • You’ll love this recipe if you don’t care for too-sour, too-tangy tomato sauce.
  • You can make this sauce with just 2 ingredients: (fresh tomatoes and olive oil) and 2 steps (roasting and blending)
  • Add sliced garlic and fresh herbs you have on hand, I love oregano, basil and thyme.
  • Roasting the tomatoes produces a mellow tomato sauce that brings out the natural sugars in the tomatoes.

How to Roast Tomatoes for Sauce

Roasting tomatoes intensifies the flavor, brings out its natural sweetness. When pureed into a sauce (or mashed with a potato masher), the perfect sauce is created for pasta, chicken parmesan or even as a dip for bread.

  1. Cut each tomato in half, drizzle on olive oil. Roast for 25 minutes.
  2. Mash or blend

That’s it! TWO steps! No babysitting at the stove.

Roasting Tomatoes for Sauce

Fresh tomatoes, garlic and herbs ready for roasting

You can use any type of tomatoes – roma, heirloom or just regular ‘ol tomatoes! You can also use cherry or grape tomatoes too, but they aren’t my first choice for a sauce.

Slice all the tomatoes in half (leave whole if using cherry or grape tomatoes). Drizzle on loads of olive oil. Scatter fresh herbs like oregano, basil and thyme. Throw in garlic cloves or slices.

Roast at 425F for 25 minutes.

Tomatoes in the oven for roasting
roasted tomatoes with garlic and fresh herbs recipe

Puree in a blender, stick blender or a potato masher.

Use a potato masher to make roasted tomato sauce recipe

The result is a light, mellow, tomato-sweet sauce that you can freeze for a rainy day.

simmer the roasted tomatoes to thicken sauce, if you wish
We’ve found potato mashers invaluable time and time again! Grab your own below and you’ll be glad!

Another recipe: Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter

Here’s another tomato sauce recipe for you – possibly the world’s most famous sauce from America’s most respected Italian chef, Marcella Hazan. Her recipe is also simple: canned tomatoes + onion + butter. Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce recipe.

What else can you do with roasted tomatoes?

  1. Turn the puree into roasted tomato soup! Stir in 1/4 cup heavy cream and 2 tablespoons butter. Melt shredded cheese on top, serve with chunky croutons and a turn of freshly ground black pepper.
  2. Make Roasted Vegetable Buddha Bowls
  3. Serve a roasted tomato half alongside a hearty steak.
  4. Roasted Tomatoes with Shrimp and Feta from The Kitchn
  5. Spaghettini with Roasted Tomatoes, Basil and Toasted Garlic Breadcrumbs (yum!) from A Beautiful Plate

Simple Roasted Tomato Sauce Recipe

The recipe really only needs 2 ingredients: tomatoes and olive oil. The garlic and fresh herbs are optional. You can also season with Italian dried herb blend in place of the fresh herbs.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Course sauces
Cuisine Italian
Servings 8


  • 8-12 large or roma tomatoes halved
  • 3 tablespoons olive oil
  • 4 cloves garlic sliced
  • handful of fresh herbs like basil, oregano, thyme
  • salt to taste


  • Heat oven to 425F. Place tomato halves on baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil. Scatter garlic and herbs. Roast 25-30 minutes, until tomatoes softened.
  • 2. Puree in blender or use a potato masher. To thicken, simmer for 5 minutes on stovetop. Season with salt to taste.
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