Learn how to cook bacon in the microwave for a simple, fast, and mess free (my favorite part) addition to breakfast, lunch, or dinner! Since there is no grease splattering around your stove or oven, you have a super quick clean up time. 


Cooking bacon in a pinch is a tool everyone should have in their back pocket. This recipe is great when you or your family needs a quick bite, you have to hustle to get your kids on the bus to school, or when you just want a delicious, smoky addition to your meal! Just keep in mind when you are cooking, that as the bacon cools, it will get crispier too, so be mindful of how long you cook it. 

Why This Microwaved Bacon Recipe Works

  • Cooking the bacon on layers of paper towels absorbs so much of that grease that it doesn’t sit in it and really allows it to crisp up. 
  • You will have little to no mess and a super easy clean up whereas when you cook bacon on the stovetop you end up with a splattered grease mess and when you use the oven, you have grease spilling out of the sheet pan. 
  • Our recipe testers say,
    • “I make this at least once a week for my kids and for myself when we are all running behind and need quick fuel.”
    • “One of my favorite foods ever is a BLT sandwich, so when I came across this microwave bacon recipe, my mind was blown! I literally throw my sandwiches together in a matter of minutes and it brings me so much joy!” 

Ingredients For Microwaved Bacon  

  • Bacon – yes really it’s one ingredient! 

How to Cook Bacon in the Microwave 

  1. Line a microwave safe plate or pyrex dish with 2 layers of paper towels. Kitchen towels just don’t work as well.
  2. Place 4 slices of bacon on the plate, making sure to give them space not to overcrowd and touch each other.
  3. Cover the bacon slices with another 2 layers of paper towel and microwave on high for 3-4 minutes. 
  4. If after 4 minutes, your bacon isn’t as crisp as you usually enjoy ut, pop it back in the microwave for another minute. Microwave in 1 minute intervals until you have reached your desired crispy bacon.
  5. Keep in mind, as your bacon cools it will continue to get crispier and crunchier. Try letting it cool a total of 5 minutes for ultimate crisp. 

Tools Used in This Recipe

How can I Enjoy my Microwave Bacon? 

For breakfast! Breakfast for breakfast or breakfast for dinner. You can’t go wrong either way pairing it with soft and creamy scrambled eggs and loads of fresh chives. 

Sandwiches! Bold statement, but there is no better food than a sandwich. A loaded sandwich is incredibly satisfying and will keep you full and fueled for your day. Load your microwaved bacon on a BLT or Club Sandwich

Baked Potato. A loaded baked potato with all of the fixings is about as satisfying as it gets! Check out of recipe to cook the perfect potato in the microwave and then load it up with all of your favorite baked potato toppings. Here is my go to recipe for loaded baked potato


How long to microwave bacon?

Unless you are using a really thick cut of bacon from the butcher, it truly shouldn’t take more than 4 minutes. Keep in mind, as your bacon cools, it will get crispy even if it wasn’t super crispy straight out of the microwave. 

Can I cook more than four pieces of bacon in the microwave at once? 

Yes! All you need to do is add another layer of bacon strips on top of the paper towels that are covering the first layer of bacon. Afterwards, cover your second layer of bacon with another 2 paper towels so grease does not splatter your microwave and continue to follow instructions. 

How to Cook Bacon in the Microwave

Cook bacon in the microwave in under 5 minutes! Depening on how many watts your microwave, cook time may vary. 
Prep Time5 minutes
Active Time4 minutes
Total Time9 minutes


  • 1 package bacon


  • Line a microwave safe plate with 2 layers of paper towels
  • Arrange 4 pieces of baon on the plate (not touching)
  • Cover with another 2 layers of paper towels 
  • Microwave on high for 3-4 minutes (microwave in additional 1 minute intervals for crispier bacon)
  • Remove and enjoy!