Fresh garlic can add flavor to any dish! It’s hard to know where to start chopping garlic with skin and all of the cloves. Keep reading to learn our top tips for the easiest way to chop garlic.

chopped garlic

Buddha Bowl basics will teach you simple kitchen basics to help you save food and add flavor to your bowl. Minced garlic can be added into any dish that you like. Cook it with any of your favorite vegetables or protein to add a savory and fragrant flavor.

Why Fresh Garlic is Great

How to Chop Garlic – Step by Step

  1. Begin by separating the cloves of garlic. To separate only one clove of garlic and save the rest, just use your fingers! If you are going to mince all of the garlic, place the garlic root side down on a cutting board and use the palm of your hand to push down on the cloves and loosen all the cloves.
  2. Place the flat side of a chefs knife with the blade facing away from you over the garlic and use your hand to apply pressure to the knife and crush the garlic. Remove and discard the skin.
  3. Cut garlic clove into thin slices and then mince to your desired size.

Tips For Chopping Garlic

Don’t want to chop garlic? Just buy jarred garlic at the store, it will last for a long time in the fridge. Any time that you want to add garlic to a dish, just add a small scoop from the jar.

To quickly and efficiently chop lots of garlic cloves, take a look at this cool kitchen tool!

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