Invation Wine Cooler Giveaway

Welcome to the VIP room! Today we are giving away one Invation Wine Cooler to keep all of your wines at a cold and precise temperature. It will help preserve your wine, ensuring rich full flavor and aroma.

You can pop a bottle of wine open at home, out at a restaurant or on a warm day at the park for a picnic! There are so many different ways to enjoy a cool glass of wine so what is your favorite way to sip on wine? Let us know in the bonus question!

Mine is on a Saturday night with friends and a full charcuterie board of cheese, dried fruits and cut meats–yum! Check out this link for a fun wine game I play with friends.

Wine 101 

The most planted wine in the world is cabernet! Cabernet is made of grapes that have been crossed between red and white grapes. It has a dry taste with fruity undertones.

Wine is often identified by its fruit flavors. Fruit flavors are: red fruit, dark fruit and citrus. Check out this in depth article about fruit flavors to find which are most common and which you find tasty.

Use the right glass! The shape of a wine glass is meant to enhance your wine drinking experience and give you the most full body of flavor. Before taking a sip of wine, gently inhale the smell of your wine, you will be pleased to smell the fruity, herbal and or floral notes in your wine. Check out my favorite wine glasses here!

Buying wine can be a tricky subject sometimes. Its good to know the differences between red and white wine in order to make the right decision for you. Red wine tends to have strong bold dark berry flavors like blueberries or cherries while white wines tend to have more light citrus flavors. Check out this article from Usual for more in depth description on red wine vs. white wine!

Check out this wine recipe for What to Do with Leftover Wine on Steamy Kitchen. Wine infused desserts are heavenly!

Invation Wine Cooler Giveaway 

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