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Wow, welcome! So great to meet you! I’m a professional recipe developer, cookbook author and television chef. Here’s my background and the list of shows and books you can find me on

M focus is to help YOU in the kitchen, with cooking shortcuts, kitchen hacks, simple recipes and how-to’s for growing your own food. My motto is, “Food and recipes that are fast, fresh and simple enough for tonight’s dinner.”  

We have a ton of useful resources for you, with over 200 recipes that include quick video instruction, a big Asian recipes section, and if you’re pressed for time, a Fast Recipes section. If you’re eating gluten-free, here are recipes that are Gluten-Free Adaptable, a recipe usually with one simple switch to make it gluten-free.

Best Cooking Shortcuts

Learn what to do with leftover ginger

How to cook brown rice in the microwave (white rice too!)

Make broth from scratch without all the scuzzy scum

Why you need to exfoliate your chicken

Our Most Popular Recipes

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Spaghetti Squash Recipe with Garlic and Butter (cook whole in the oven!)

My Mom’s Famous Chinese Egg Rolls

No Knead Bread – so easy a 4 year old can make it!

How to Cook Rice in the Microwave (no more soggy or overcooked rice on the stove!)

The Very Best Mashed Potatoes (2 ingredients!)

Hainanese Chicken Rice 

Vietnamese Pho Recipe

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