Fall isn’t just about cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice everything (though, I won’t deny the allure of a good PSL). While nature is busy putting on its annual show, autumn is a time when our kitchens become a comforting haven of aromatic spices, earthy vegetables, and seasonal fruits. I’ve put together a list of 10 irresistible Steamy Kitchen recipes that you HAVE to try this fall. So put on your comfiest scarf and let’s get cooking! 

Roasted Squash, Kale & Feta Salad with Walnut Vinaigrette Recipe

Kick Off Your Fall Feast with a Roasted Squash, Kale & Feta Salad

Every meal, in my opinion, should start with a heartwarming salad. And what better way to begin than with this Roasted Squash, Kale & Feta Salad? Butternut squash, with its naturally sweet and nutty flavor, sings the song of fall. Paired with the earthy tones of kale, this salad is practically a harvest festival on a plate. And if you’re feeling a bit whimsical, feel free to swap out that squash for roasted pumpkin, capturing the very essence of fall even more. The crumbled feta brings in a creamy contrast, while roasted pumpkin seeds offer a delightful crunch. But here’s the pièce de résistance—the Citrus Walnut Vinaigrette. Its subtle hint of orange zest marries the flavors together in a harmonious dance. This isn’t just a salad; it’s a celebration of fall in every bite!

Jump into the recipe here like you would a big crunchy pile of leaves. 🍂🍁


What is fall without pumpkin? Check out this amazing side dish!

Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes: The Ultimate Fall Comfort Food

Ah, pumpkin! That orange gourd that practically screams fall from the rooftops. Now, imagine combining the earthy sweetness of pumpkin with the comforting goodness of mashed potatoes. Sounds like a dream, right? But it’s real, and it’s fabulous. Introducing the Pumpkin Mashed Potatoes, a dish that’s a symphony of autumn flavors. The use of traditional fall spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves makes every bite taste like a warm, cozy hug. But this isn’t your grandma’s mash; it’s been kicked up a notch with the unexpected twist of miso paste. Yup, miso! This little addition creates an umami explosion that pairs perfectly with the earthy pumpkin and the maple syrup’s delicate sweetness. It’s like capturing the entire season of fall in a single, heavenly spoonful.

For a side dish that’ll steal the show, look no further than this recipe right here. 🎃🍁


The Pillowy Pumpkin Gnocchi You Need This Fall

The Pillowy Pumpkin Gnocchi You Need This Fall

If you’ve never tried making your own gnocchi, autumn is the perfect time to start, and this Pan-Fried Pumpkin Gnocchi with Browned Butter Sage is the perfect introduction. This dish isn’t just a nod to pumpkin season; it’s a full-on celebration. And guess what? You don’t have to be an Italian nonna to make gnocchi at home. Combining skim milk ricotta, canned pumpkin, freshly grated parmegiano, and a few more pantry staples, you’ll create fluffy, pillowy, pumpkin-spiced pasta pieces that are to die for. And let’s talk about that browned butter sage sauce—it’s the liquid gold of the culinary world, imparting a nutty, aromatic richness that ties everything together. If you’re looking for a way to impress at the dinner table this fall, this dish is it.

Want to dive into this pumpkin delight? Check out the recipe right here. 🍁🎃


Roasted Carrots with Sesame Ponzu Vinaigrette Recipe

Roasted Carrots with a Twist

Fall isn’t all about pumpkins and gourds, you know. Carrots have a way of sweetening up in the oven, becoming tender and ever-so-slightly caramelized. Their earthy sweetness is just the thing you need alongside those heartier autumn dishes. Trust me, after you try these Roasted Carrots with Sesame Ponzu Vinaigrette, you’ll never settle for plain old boiled carrots again. And here’s the kicker—the ponzu sauce and sesame give this side dish a delicate umami kick, like a little surprise party for your tastebuds. It’s the yin to the yang of every holiday table, elevating your spread to gourmet territory without breaking a sweat.

Ready to kick your carrot game up a notch? Go to the full recipe here. 🥕🍂


A Ruth's Chris Classic Reinvented: Sweet Potato Casserole

A Ruth’s Chris Classic Reinvented: Sweet Potato Casserole

Get ready to be swept off your feet by this dish! If you’re a fan of Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, you’ll instantly recognize this iconic Sweet Potato Casserole that I’ve given my own Steamy Kitchen twist to. Now, it’s no secret that root vegetables are the stars of the autumn season, and sweet potatoes are no exception. Cozy up to the buttery, sugary bliss that combines perfectly with the crumbly, nutty topping—this casserole is a fall dream come true. Not just a side dish, but a centerpiece in its own right, my version captures all the mouthwatering goodness that makes this recipe a holiday staple. You’ll feel like you’re dining at Ruth’s Chris, right from the comfort of your own home.

Ready to cook up this classic? Check out the recipe right here.


Fall Flavors Meet BBQ: Cayenne Cinnamon Baby Back Ribs

Fall Flavors Meet BBQ: Cayenne Cinnamon Baby Back Ribs

Oh, you’re in for a treat! Forget pumpkin spice; let’s talk cinnamon spice! My Cayenne Cinnamon Baby Back Ribs with Maple Glaze are everything you didn’t know you needed this fall. Cinnamon isn’t just for lattes and cookies, darling. Here, it plays a pivotal role, blending beautifully with the heat from the cayenne and the sweetness of the maple syrup. The result? Ribs that are a fireworks display of flavor, from smoky to spicy to sweet. Don’t even get me started on that maple glaze—it’s like autumn kissed each rib! They’re the kind of ribs that make you wanna dance around your kitchen. And guess what? You can totally do that, because this recipe is just that simple and quick.

Are you salivating yet? Dive into the recipe right here.


Apple Cinnamon Bourekas: A Bite of Fall in Every Pocket

Apple Cinnamon Bourekas: A Bite of Fall in Every Pocket

Who says you have to pick between apple pie and a pastry? With my Apple Cinnamon Bourekas, you get the best of both worlds. Imagine biting into a flaky filo dough pocket filled with apples that have been dancing in a mix of brown sugar, vanilla, and cinnamon. Ah, cinnamon! The quintessential spice that makes everything feel like fall. Just a sprinkle and suddenly you’re wrapped in a warm, spicy hug. This dessert is as cozy as your favorite scarf, as warm as your cherished memories of jumping into leaf piles as a kid. And let’s be real, you could swap pumpkin pie spice for the cinnamon if you’re feeling extra autumnal! One bite, and you’re strolling through an apple orchard, crunching leaves underfoot.

Ready for an autumnal adventure? Check out the recipe here.


Warm Fig, Apple and Gorgonzola Flatbread: A Decadent Autumnal Dessert

Warm Fig, Apple and Gorgonzola Flatbread

Oh, sweet friends, let’s talk about indulgence. My Warm Fig, Apple and Gorgonzola Flatbread is the type of dish you save for those moments when you want to relish the luxurious flavors of fall. Figs, the late summer, early fall gem, make a dazzling appearance, adding their earthy sweetness to every bite. Apples? Another fall favorite that needs no introduction. But the game-changer here is the gorgonzola cheese—creamy, tangy, and absolutely seductive. Just a drizzle of honey to finish, and you’re in a world where dessert meets sophistication. This isn’t just food; it’s an experience that encapsulates the spirit of the season.

If your tastebuds are tingling, dive into the recipe right here.


Nestling Into Fall: Pasta Nests with a Bite of Thanksgiving

Pasta Nests—With a Bite of Thanksgiving!

Okay, you’re gonna flip for this one—imagine if pasta had a love affair with Thanksgiving. What would their baby look like? Meet my Pasta Nests—With a Bite of Thanksgiving! These little nests are essentially made from angel hair pasta, but we give them an unexpected twist. We’re adding soft silken tofu, a generous dollop of melted butter, and a rain of grated parmesan to create something almost magical. The tofu acts like the glue, and the parmesan crisps up in the oven to form these adorable, edible nests. Oh, and did I mention? They’re golden brown and irresistibly crunchy on the edges while remaining creamy in the center. Is it a side dish? Is it a canapé? Who cares! It’s scrumptiously clever, and it’s gonna be your next party hit.

Ready to hatch these little nests in your oven? Get cracking on the recipe here!


A New Tradition: Leftover Turkey in Pumpkin Chili

Leftover Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, many of us end up with LOTS of leftover turkey. So, I’m inviting you to rekindle that holiday spirit with my Leftover Turkey in Pumpkin Chili. Ever thought of mixing Thanksgiving turkey with classic chili spices and, wait for it, pumpkin puree? This is an adventurous fusion where holiday classics meet your cozy, weeknight comfort food. The pumpkin puree adds not only a vibrant color but also a smooth, almost creamy texture to the chili. The brown sugar and spices are the comforting hug we all need as the weather turns chilly. This isn’t just a recipe; it’s a new holiday tradition in a bowl. Trust me; it’s where nostalgia meets novelty.

Wanna give it a go? Find the recipe here.


And there you have it! A smorgasbord of fall delights that’ll have you embracing the season like a warm, cozy sweater. From pumpkin-themed plates to the coziest of carbs, these recipes are like a culinary hug from me to you. I’d love to hear your fall foodie stories, or better yet, see those drool-worthy pics, so don’t forget to share them with us.

Have a happy harvest, and even happier eating! 🍁🍂