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We’re really loving this knife set from Imperial Collection – it’s the first knife set we’ve ever owned that actually looks beautiful on our countertop. The sleek, beautifully designed handles nestle perfectly in my hands. Imperial Collection took great care in all of the design detail. The knife “block” or stand, is sturdy and rotates for convenience. We have a center island in the kitchen, and work from all sides of the island – the rotating base is perfect for our use.

The black-on-black granite colored knives are so different from normal kitchen knives. I like functional products, but I love when function and design marry for a one of a kind product that’s a pleasure to use.



The knife set comes with 8 pieces (plus the stand). The kitchen shears is sharp, to a point and cut through chicken ribs easily (I was spatchcocking the chicken). The paring knife is a good size, but I really like the 5″ utility knife. I find that I reach for that size of knife most often, as it is the most versatile for small fruits and vegetables.

My favorite knife in the collection is the 6″ Chopping Knife (the one next to the honing steel), I love the wide surface area, which makes it easy to transport my chopped goods into the hot pan. I wish it was just a tiny bit longer for my use. The bread knife is goes through bread and tomatoes with ease. I like that it has a sharper point than most bread knives – it makes it very easy to make that very first cut into a loaf of no knead bread that’s super crusty. The chef’s knife is sharp, a good size and chops beautifully with its curved edge. The vegetable peeler is a standard size, works just fine, though I do enjoy my Oxo peeler more, as I’m used to a different shape and motion when peeling vegetables.


In addition to the black on black granite color, Imperial Collection has other color combinations:

silver ss white

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