Giveaway: Great American Flask from Jacob Bromwell

This giveaway is one after my own heart! I love whiskey, especially bourbon and Scotch Wiskey. When The Bromwell Company suggested we offer their best seller as a giveaway, I was extremely excited! This flask is like carrying a piece of history in your pocket. Amazing hand craftmanship and true copper construction make it a unique gift and conversation piece. Secretly I wish they had sent me one to try it out before giving one away, so whoever wins this one – enjoy it! – Scott

Great American Flask


“Southern men love their whiskey, and this handmade copper flask adds major swagger to swiggin’.” — Southern Living Magazine


This is the end all be all for quality flasks. The Great American Flask by Jacob Bromwell® is our original, best-selling flask, and sometimes all you want is the classic original. In 1964, Congress recognized bourbon whiskey as a “distinctive product of the United States”, making our Great American Flask the perfect luxury vessel for it. Stately and regal, our historically-correct design is as old as bourbon itself, and accurate right down to the American Birch stopper. Our flask is 100% hand built out of pure, solid copper by red-blooded American workers, just like the massive copper pots used by distillers for purifying liquids. This purely authentic, purely American flask is the perfect example of attention to historical detail and handmade craftsmanship, and is ideal for your favorite barrel-aged American whiskey or similar beverage. And like all the best things in life, it only gets better with age. Cheers.

What is included in this giveaway

  • One Handcrafted Great American Flask (Retail Value $199)

How to enter

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For more information check out The Great American Flask page.

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