Giveaway: Kenmore Coffee Grinder Brewer

Kenmore Elite 12-Cup Coffee Grinder and Brewer, Stainless Steel Giveaway

retail value $149.99

Smooth, moment making taste pouring into your waiting cup time after satisfying time. The delicious mix of taste and design. It’s delicious, by design™.

* Expert grind, full flavor-Conical burr grinder expertly grinds beans to your taste from coarse to finely ground and releases the full spectrum of complex aromas and flavors in a fresh, delicious brew
* Your perfect cup-Select the exact amount and strength of your coffee for a cup that’s pure enjoyment
* Wake up to the aroma of fresh coffee-Fully programmable and digitally controlled, so you can set it to wake up to the smell and taste of rich, robust coffee.2-hour auto shutoff
* Whole bean or ground coffee-Grind-off button allows you to brew and enjoy your favorite ground coffee, as well as whole beans
* Instant gratification-Cant wait for your first cup? Pause-brew function allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee mid-brew, without drips or mess, and resumes brewing automatically
* Filter in flavor, not grounds-Durable, expertly crafted filter allows flavor to flow through, and keeps grounds out of your cup. Reuse the filter again and again without the hassle or extra cost of paper filters

Steamy Kitchen Notes:

I have this coffee maker and what I love best about it is that it’s got a BURR grinder, not a blade grinder. For coffee buffs, the burr grinder is the only type of grinder that produces consistent, evenly sized grinds of coffee, resulting in much better flavor of brew. See more info on burr vs blade.

The machine grinds the perfect amount for the brew and having the 2 appliances built together means one less appliance sitting on my counter.


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