This is a Hestan 10-Piece Cookware Review, including a giveaway for my favorite pan – the Hestan 3.5 Quart Sauté Pan with Lid. -Jaden

Hestan 10-Piece Cookware Review

We’ve reviewed Hestan cookware before, a frying pan and a wok. It’s become our favorite cookware in the Steamy Kitchen, outperforming any other set we’ve ever tried.

The Hestan NanoBond surface is stainless steel bonded with thousands of titanium and chromium-based alloys. There are no chemicals used in this cooking surface. That means a cooking surface that’s environmentally friendly and incredibly durable….4x harder than stainless steel. The cookware is so innovative, that Hestan owns 14 global patents for the fit and finish.

Hestan 10-Piece Cookware Review

The 10-piece set sells for $1,499.95. Yes, it is expensive, and if you only want the best of the best cookware, this is it.

Hestan 10-Piece Cookware Review

One of the best features of the pan is the flush rivets, which means oil, grease and bits of food are easy to clean from the pan.

Hestan 10-Piece Cookware Review

Because of the titanium surface, you can use a scrubby to really clean the pans without fear of scratching. Of course, every metal pan will discolor with use. With Hestan cookware, the pans polish back to a mirror-like, shiny, scratch-free surface.

Hestan 10-Piece Cookware Review

Hestan 10-Piece Cookware Review

Hestan 8-quart Stockpot with Lid

Hestan 8.5″ Open Skillet

(image coming soon)

Hestan 11″ Open Skillet

I really like the feel of the large skillet. It’s balanced and lightweight. I can easily lift and maneuver with just one hand.

Hestan 1.5qt Saucepan + Lid

The smaller saucepan is a great size – wide enough so that it doesn’t tip over on my stovetop open grates.

My old set had a slightly smaller saucepan, which constantly tipped over on my stovetop grates. See the size difference?

Hestan 3qt Saucepan + Lid

Hestan 3.5qt Sauté with Helper Handle + Lid

My favorite piece of the set is the 3.5-quart Sauté Pan with Lid. Again, the piece is balanced and lightweight. The shape of the handle is comfortable.

The pan is about 3-inches deep.

I’ve used this pan in our latest recipe, Ribeye Cap Steak with Roasted Potatoes & Carrots – a one pan meal for 2 people. The Hestan pan seared the steak perfectly, and allowed the potatoes and carrots on the outer edges of the pan to cook evenly.

Plus, the pans are pretty enough to use serve the meal at the table, too.

Learn more about Hestan.

Hestan Cookware Giveaway

We are giving away a Hestan Sauté Pan with Lid (my favorite piece!)