Brisket is a classic main dish for holidays, elegant dinners, and family get-togethers. It typically leaves a ton of leftovers and we are here to show you just how to use up those leftovers so none of that tasty food goes to waste, because if there is one thing we really don’t like, it’s food waste!

brisket sliced on a cutting board with a bowl of bbq sauce.

Our Mission: Help give new life to your leftovers!

Love Your Leftovers Series
Our mission is to stop food waste at home! We have tons of ideas for proteins, but what about almost sour milk?

Give New Life to Leftovers

If there is one thing we really don’t like, it’s food waste. Repurposing these leftovers in creative ways ensures that nothing will get wasted, which makes us totally happy! So much food is wasted in the US, but we are here to make sure that never happens again by bringing your leftovers back to life!  



Leftover Brisket Ideas

leftover brisket bolognese in a cast iron pan on top of a linen.

#1: Make a Quick Bolognese with Leftover Brisket

One of the best things about Bolognese is that you can use any leftover veggies, fresh or canned tomatoes, and any protein to make a really hearty and delicious Bolognese. Cook your Bolognese per the recipe, but wait to put your chopped up brisket in until the very end. Once you add your brisket, let it warm through and serve over your favorite pasta! Check out some of our favorite Bolognese recipes below:

leftover brisket on top of tortilla chips in a skillet.

#2: Make Nachos with Leftover Brisket

Do you want to know what is truly the perfect leftover meal? Nachos! Start with your favorite tortilla chips or make your own. Go wild with the toppings! Do you have any leftover veggies and a half of a can of beans hanging out in the fridge? Sauté them up with some spices and lime juice and add those too.

Skip the part where it tells you how to cook your meat and go right to topping your tortilla chips. Nachos are the perfect way to use up any leftover protein, but brisket makes it extra special! Top it with your favorite cheese, avocado, and fresh cilantro to really bring those leftovers to life! Don’t have tortilla chips, but have tortillas? Make a taco! Add leftover brisket to any of your favorite taco recipes! Check out some nacho & taco recipes below:

two leftover brisket egg rolls on a white plate.

#3: Make Egg Rolls with Leftover Brisket

Pretty much anything can be a delicious egg roll filling. Finely chop your leftover brisket with other leftover minced or shredded vegetables you need to use up. Cabbage, spinach, and sweet potatoes are some of our favorite vegetable fillings and things we always have hanging out in our kitchen.

Kick it up with fresh grated ginger and garlic, soy sauce, and rice wine vinegar. Spring roll wrappers are widely available at most grocery stores and at all Asian markets. You can replace and protein in an egg roll recipe with you finely chopped brisket. Fry them up on your stove or in an air fryer! Check out some of our favorite egg roll recipes below:

You can also use leftover brisket in place of the protein in any of these Steamy Kitchen recipes;  Buddha Bowl with Sweet Pomegranate Sauce, Chinese Spring Rolls, or add it to this Japchae