Smoked Salmon is the perfect breakfast, lunch or dinner protein. It is salty, not too fishy, and goes great with many things. If you’re anything like us, you bought a big pack of smoked salmon to feed your family during brunch and maybe you’re struggling to finish off the pack. Sure, its fab on a bagel, but sometimes you just need something a little bit more interesting. We have rounded up some of our favorite recipes to use up smoked salmon that are interesting, creative, and full of flavor so none of that precious fish goes to waste!

Smoked salmon slices on a white platter.

Our Mission: Help give new life to your leftovers!

Love Your Leftovers Series
Our mission is to stop food waste at home! We have tons of ideas for all sorts of proteins, but what about smoked salmon?

Give New Life to Leftovers

If there is one thing we really don’t like, it’s food waste. Repurposing these leftovers in creative ways ensures that nothing will get wasted, which makes us totally happy! So much food is wasted in the US, but we are here to make sure that never happens again by bringing your leftovers back to life!  


All About Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon is a versatile ingredient that can elevate almost any dish with its rich, smoky flavor (even breakfast!). Not only is it a healthy fish, loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, but it’s so easy to use. Whether you have extra salmon from last night’s dinner or just some leftover smoked salmon from a brunch, there are numerous delicious salmon recipes that allow you to repurpose it into something new and exciting. 

Another great thing about smoked salmon is its ability to blend well with a large variety of simple ingredients. From creamy dips like salmon pate, which can be a perfect way to use small pieces of leftover fish, to open faced salmon sandwiches, the possibilities are endless. Mix smoked salmon with fresh veggie like green onions, red onion, or fresh parsley to add a burst of fresh flavors. For a lighter option, consider a salmon salad or lettuce wrap. Or, if your taste buds are the mood for something warm, leftover rice can be transformed into a delicious salmon risotto, or try a salmon frittata for a satisfying brunch. Here are some amazing leftover salmon ideas to help you turn your salmon leftovers into a brand new meal.

Leftover Smoked Salmon Ideas

fritatta in a black cast iron pan on a wood cutting board.

#1: Make an Easy Breakfast Frittata with Leftover Smoked Salmon 

Smoked Salmon Frittata is the perfect breakfast or Sunday brunch and a super fun way to use up leftover smoked salmon! When it comes to meals, is there anything better than Sunday brunch? Delicious warm or cold, frittata is light and fluffy and can be such a versatile dish.

Made with eggs, leftover smoked salmon, sometimes goat cheese or cream cheese, shallots or onions, and any additional veggies and herbs hanging out in your fridge. Smoked Salmon Frittata is for anyone and everyone and is totally customizable. So, scrounge through your fridge, pull out random pieces of cheese and some sad looking veggies and make the most delish frittata! Check out some of our favorite Frittata recipes below:

smoked salmon risotto in a white bowl.

#2: Make a Decadent Risotto with Leftover Smoked Salmon

Once you start eating Risotto, you won’t be able to put it down. You will crave the richness, creaminess, and the perfect texture you get from this perfectly cooked dish. Risotto can be made with three different types of rice: arborio, carnaroli, or Japanese sushi rice. These three grains all have one thing in common, they are all short grains, which makes for the most unbelievable Risotto.

If a recipe doesn’t call for any smoked salmon, stir it into your base risotto recipe and et voila, smoked salmon risotto! We love adding leftover Smoked Salmon into our Risotto because of the undeniable flavor it lends to this creamy rice dish. With added lemon, parsley, any something creamy, like grated parmesan, gouda, or mascarpone you will never want to eat smoked salmon any other way! Check out some of our favorite Risotto recipes below:

salmon paté in a jar with bread and olive sides.

#3: Make a Creamy Paté with Leftover Smoked Salmon 

Paté can be made with so many different ingredients. From livers, beef, pork, vegetables, to fish, which is what we are using today! Smoked salmon makes for one of the creamiest patés you will ever eat, but the grind of paté can be smooth and creamy or chunky if you prefer. Make it your own! 

In a food processor whiz together leftover Smoked Salmon with a dairy option like crème fraîche, cream cheese, and even heavy whipping cream.. Get creative and add fresh dill, fresh lemon juice and lemon zest, and any spices you love and pair with your favorite cracker or crisp bread! Check out some of our favorite Smoked Salmon Patés to use up that salmon: 

You can also use leftover smoked salmon in place of the protein in any of these Steamy Kitchen recipes; Open Face Salmon Sandwich, Fried Rice, or top it on this Ricotta Crostini with Honey! 

FAQ: Your Smoked Salmon Questions Answered

How should I store leftover smoked salmon?
Store leftover smoked salmon in an airtight container in the refrigerator. It’s best consumed within the next day for optimal freshness. Avoid leaving it at room temperature for extended periods.

Can I use leftover smoked salmon in pasta salad?
Yes, salmon pasta salad is a great way to use leftover smoked salmon. Combine it with leftover pasta and fresh ingredients like olive oil, black pepper, and fresh herbs for a simple meal.

Can I use smoked salmon as a substitute for fresh salmon in recipes?
Smoked salmon can be used as a substitute for fresh salmon in many recipes, especially those that call for cooked salmon. However, keep in mind that smoked salmon has a distinct flavor and saltiness, so you may want to adjust other seasonings like soy sauce or salt in the recipe.

Is it okay to heat smoked salmon for dishes like salmon risotto or frittata?
Yes, it’s perfectly fine to heat smoked salmon for dishes like risotto or frittata. While traditionally served at room temperature or slightly chilled, smoked salmon can also be warmed as part of a cooked dish, adding a delicious depth of flavor.

What’s a good way to use very small pieces of leftover smoked salmon?
Small pieces of leftover smoked salmon are perfect for making a creamy dip or mixing into a salmon salad. You can also use them as a topping for crackers or stir them into scrambled eggs for a quick meal.