Easy Canvas Prints

Giveaway: 18×24″ Canvas Print from Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints make it easy for you to turn your memories into masterpieces on canvas wall art! They offer framed and gallery wrapped canvas wall art for hanging on your walls or standing up on your desk. You can even pull in your facebook photos or instagram photos to be printed on canvas.

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Buster Blue

Our entire family is in love. This is Buster Blue, the newest member of our family. Buster Blue is a 13 week old blue pitbull puppy that we adopted this past Sunday. He’s got a soft, supple, velvety, gorgeous gray-brown coat that’s exactly the color of my front yard at 5:00am (I thought I lost him when we took him out …


Doggy advice?

Hi. My name is Coco. I love to sleep on the couch, but sometimes I don’t know what to do with my long skinny dangly legs! When it’s nice outside, I like to sleep next to Buddha. Or nap on the couch with Andrew. And have sleepovers. When I get in trouble, I pretend to sleep. But when I’m not …


Giveaway: iPad

It’s my 40th birthday this month!

Yes, I’m the big 4-0!

Shall we celebrate with our 8th iPad giveaway sponsored by Steamy Kitchen! It’s just our way of giving back to you guys…..well, uh, ONE of you guys anyways 😉 By the way, congrats to Karen Marti for winning the last iPad giveaway!

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Crown Berkey

Giveaway: Crown Berkey Water Filter

Have filtered water anytime with the Crown Berkey Filter, valued at $325!
Crown Berkey Filter
From More Than Alive:

The British Berkefeld Water Filtration Systems are the ultimate in water filtration. They’re used world-wide for over 150 years to provide virtually the most delicious, sparkling clean water possible. This system is the most advanced passive water filter available. . . .


He loves me. yeah yeah yeah.

(Beatles!) The past two weeks? Awesome. Let’s recap: Prezzie Obama said hi to me, Martha Stewart didn’t think much of my shoes, I turned 40 and I triggered security at a casino in Las Vegas. I spoke during Pathfinder day at BlogHer in New York City with the lovely Kathryn Finney of Budget Fashionista. Our all-day seminar was focused on …


Easiest way to cut paper-thin slivers of onion (video)

I’m a raw red-onion lover – but only when the red onion is paper thin. Tissue paper thin. See the cell membranes thin. I’ll show you the best way to cut an onion so that you get thin slices with a beautiful tapered wedge-shape just like this. How to slice paper-thin slivers of onion It’s a quickie. I mean a …