Asian Flavored Sea Salts

from Steamy Kitchen food column in Tampa Tribune If I had to just choose one thing, “my killer app” in the kitchen, it would be salt. It doesn’t matter what cuisine I’m cooking, salt is the basis of flavor in a savory dish. Call me a salt snob, but I stay away from the regular table salt, mainly because it …


Grilled Prawns with Sichuan Peppercorn Salt

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shhhhhh…i did a naughty thing. last week my husband tromped off to Vegas for a 5-day vacation with this poker buddies. i had an affair. i heard the garage door close as he left for the airport. i waited 15 minutes to make sure he didn’t return, in case he forgot something…


Szechuan Peppercorn Roasted Chicken

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I am notorious for seeing something on TV, wanting coveting, and then coming up with 101 reasons fo Why I Must Have This Kitchen Gadget. Of course, after explaining to husband reason #79 for the fifth time in a row, he usually gives in….not because he thinks …