Giveaway: Apple iPad

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For the past week, I’ve been neglecting you. Since we’re in the middle of getting the new house ready and moving homes, we’ve been in Internet limbo and I’ve been only able to connect via phone and late-late hours at night.

So, I’m here to say sorry by giving away another Apple iPad.

You’ll forgive me, right? Because there’s no better way to say I’m sorry than tech bling!

If you love to cook, there’s so many amazing recipe apps for the iPad – here are some of my favorites:

iPad 2 giveaway sweepstakesMartha Stewart Makes Cookies
Cookulus Ultimate Chocolate Chip Recipe
Weber’s On The Grill
Grill It!
The Recipe Manager

This Apple iPad Giveaway is sponsored by me, Steamy Kitchen. Because I love giving away stuff, especially shiny new gadgety toys!


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Posted by Steamy Kitchen on Thursday, February 11, 2021