Steak Champ Thermometer Review & Giveaway

steakchamp review 4Steak Champ provided unit for my honest review and giveaway.

Steak Champ Review

The problem with using thermometers when grilling meats is the constant poking. With grills, temperature can fluctuate quite a bit during the cooking process, and it is difficult to really know when your food is cooked perfectly.

Most people will just poke their meats periodically with a thermometer – the problem with this is two-fold: constant poking means holes in your meats! Not only is it not pretty, but the juice runs out of the meat and drips into the flames, causing flareups (and drier meats.) Also, hitting the exact middle of the meat with the probe to measure temperature is very difficult, especially if you’re poking the steak from the top.

We normally use a remote thermometer with a heat-proof wire to monitor the temperature of our meats. There are lots of parts to this endeavor, the prong, the wire, the display unit and my phone for bluetooth connection. The wire is a pain to clean and manage.

We tested out the Steak Champ thermometer last weekend, and it’s quite innovative. The thermometer looks like a large nail with a flashing LED.

Turn on the thermometer by inserting it into the activator, which also serves as a storage vessel (I could very easily lose this oversized nail if it wasn’t for the bright red case.) Once it’s on, it’s ready.

steakchamp review 5

steakchamp review 3Stick the thermometer in SIDEWAYS into the meat. As you are cooking, it blips every few seconds as if to reassure you it’s working.

Once the Steak Champ flashes green – it’s medium rare, our choice for steaks. Yellow means medium, Red means medium-well. Black means it’s beef jerky. Just kidding – there’s no measurement beyond medium-well.

steakchamp review

Why the Steak Champ works well:


  • You only poke your meat once. No losing valuable meat juices.
  • The thermometer is measure the CENTER of the meat, vs. just poking around guessing where the middle is.
  • Do you remember exactly what temperature medium-rare is? Unless you’re an avid griller, most people have to look it up!
  • There’s no on/off button. Inserting it to the end of the case turns and activates the Steak Champ. Hot grills and flames generally don’t treat on/off buttons very well. This is a smart design!

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